Saturday Deluxe

A harmonious melding of Utility and Old-World Sophistication

State Bicycle Co.’s City Bikes harkens back to the timeless ‘Dutch Style' bicycles that are so common throughout the streets of urban Europe.  Everything that makes those bikes so cherished; from their elegant style to maximum utility to unrivaled comfort, has been preserved and then given the unmistakable State Bicycle Co. treatment.

What that means for City Bike riders is a relaxed geometry and gearing to accommodate all levels and types of riders.  Each City Bike model is equipped with a coaster brake for easy stopping, chain-guard, mustache handlebars, and a bell standard.  For the true classicist, the City Bike Deluxe is yours.  These pragmatic bicycles are lovingly outfitted with front and rear fenders, a front basket, and rear adjustable pannier rack.

The versatility of a City Bike knows no bounds.  Whether you’re cruising around campus, commuting to work, or conquering the weekend, the beauty of a City Bike is in the A to B.

Hop on a City Bike and get going!



[Q] Do the bicycles come assembled? 
[A] The bicycle will ship “90% assembled”, which means you will need to attach the handlebars, saddle, pedals, front wheels, and a few other minor parts, as well as adjusting, tightening, and tuning. It is possible to build with moderate knowledge of bicycles, however, State Bicycle Co. highly encourages all bicycles to be built by a professional. The bicycle will be safer and will ride drastically better when assembled and tuned properly – in other words, don’t just “throw it together”. It is also possible to ship your order directly to a bicycle shop for assembly.

[Q] What size bike is shown in product photos?
[A] All studio photos of bikes are 55cm besides City Bikes, which are 52cm. 


[Q] When will I receive my bike? 
[A] We ship several times per week using UPS Ground, USPS, or in come cases FedEx. Tracking numbers will be provided at shipment. 

[Q] Do the bicycles come with a warranty? 
[A] Our bikes come with a 1 year warranty. For more information please visit : statebicycle.com/warranty

[Q] What is your return policy? 
[A] In the unlikely event you would like to return your product, you may do so within 7 days of delivery. Please contact us at admin@statebicycle.com to arrange a return. For full return policy click here.