State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Corelines - A better bike just got even better!

Our riders-first approach to design and testing makes for smooth-riding bikes that dial up the fun. They ride on frame geometry that’s both responsive and comfortable. We only offer parts, accessories and gear that we would and do use ourselves.


We've always tried to differentiate our product through quality and aesthetic from "entry-level" competitors, and now our better bikes just got even better! Here's how:


Double-Butted 4130 Chromoly Tubing: 

DURABLE & RESILIENT FRAMES - Our Core Line of fixed-gear/single-speed models, now utilize Double-Butted 4130 Chromoly Steel frames that are lightweight and built to last. 

Wider Wheels: 

Wider 26mm rim wheels will help to avoid pinch flats, improve cornering,  and we now have a slightly lower profile to reduce weight.

New Saddle Style: 

You asked for something more comfy, we listened. A new rounded-urban saddle alloy rails comes stock on the 4130 Core models for improved riding comfort

Die Cast Drop-Outs with Internal Chain Tensioners: 

Our 4130 Core models now feature strong die-cast drop outs with internal chain tensioners for easier tensioning and improved aesthetics.

Sealed Bearing-Hubs: 

Another significant upgrade you our 4130 Core-lines are the new sealed bearing wheel hubs are smoother, more durable, and last longer than unsealed hubs.


barry fowler
barry fowler

November 30, 2016

i am presently looking at a model of yours to buy from a freind soon and get into your road bikes through this purchase…


July 20, 2016

I actually have the same preference as Esteban. Although it is hard to determine the added comfort provided by the new seat only by pictue, I prefer the look of the old ones. Will there be an option to choose between them?


July 12, 2016

This seems like an excellent upgrade for this line of bikes! But, will the older seats still be available for purchase? I personally don’t like fat seats! I loved the states standard slim seat!

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