Cody Goodman

Name:  Cody Goodman    
Birthday:  July 19, 1985
Member of Team since: 2014

Notable Races / Wins: Life After Death Race 2 Win: Dagger Death Race 6, even though I got third I was on the podium with B-Hard 1 and Steezeman 2:  The 10/17 Race Series is always a favorite of mine:  Lord of the Rings 2015.   

Most memorable moment on the bike: #jax2mia2014 trip with Addison Zawada

Favorite song to ride to: Float On by Modest Mouse

Favorite State Bicycle Co. bike: The Green Machine! Chartreuse Black Label

Favorite Movie:  B-Fit

Race Day Meal: Sushi

Favorite Food: TACOS!!!!

Best piece of cycling advice you've received: "It's only bicycles"

Why fixed?: Its simple and fun and totally blows the roadies minds!

What is your favorite SBC trip / ride / memory: Following Hern through traffic!

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