Andrew Hemesath


Name:  Andrew Hemesath

BIrthday:  03/01/1992

Member of Team since: 2015

Notable Races / Wins:

Division II Rocky Mountain Collegiate Conference Champion 2015

3rd Place USA Cycling Collegiate Criterium National Championships 2015

4th Place Lord of Griffith 666 2015

Most memorable moment on the bike:The misguided night of youthful excess following the Tour de l'Abitibi in 2010. A hard week of racing followed by roaming the mean streets of Val d'Or.

Favorite song to ride to:The sweet serenading sounds of nature or various remixes of "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child.

Favorite State Bicycle Co. bike:  The Undefeated. Scott Piercefield's Undefeated specifically.

Favorite Movie:The first half of Machotaildrop (the half which is on youtube) or Rushmore.

Race Day Meal: Oreos, cherries, Frosted Toaster Treats, oatmeal + egg + cucumber + avocado + flax seed, microwave breakfast burrito, bag of carrots, and etc. All examples of pre-race foods.

Favorite Food: Snickers Bar. Maybe two Snickers Bars.

Best piece of cycling advice you've received:It's a toss up between several pieces of advice.

“Stop taking this sport and yourself so seriously.”

“Shave that goatee it's freaking people out.”

“If you really want to talk to Chris Froome, now's your chance.

"’I'm not really sure,’ is not an adequate back up plan.”

“For your weight 100 psi should be fine.”

“It's one of those horrible at the time, hilarious in a few years kind of things. “

Why fixed?: Because fitness.

What is your favorite SBC trip / ride / memory: Surviving LOG. It felt great to be alive and we got In-N-Out!

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