Michael Dziedzic

Name:  Michael Dziedzic (Deedz)

BIrthday: 04/28/1993  

Member of Team since: 2013

Notable Races / Wins: Two 9th place finishes in the Redhook Series and looking to improve on that next year if my luck turns around!

Most memorable moment on the bike: First Redhook in New York 2013. I didn't know how to ride a fixie or skid in a race with no breaks..I was terrified.

Favorite song to ride to: Method Man by Wu-Tang Clan

Favorite State Bicycle Co. bike:  2015 Undefeated.. It's Fast!

Favorite Movie: Inglorious Bastards

Race Day Meal: Eggs and Pasta

Favorite Food: Filibertos Steak and Egg Burrito

Best piece of cycling advice you've received: HAVE FUN! And ride a lot if you wanna go fast!

Why fixed?: Because it is different. exciting, dangerous, and people who ride fixies like to party. And I like to party also!

What is your favorite SBC trip / ride / memory: The first time I went to Barcelona for Redhook in 2014 was pretty special because it was the first time in a foreign country. Also Spanish girls are very nice ;) And having the squad there to explore with was a blast.

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