Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro

Name:  Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro or Hern

BIrthday: September 12th 1986

Member of Team since: November 2013

Notable Races / Wins: Cranksgiving LA 2013, 2014. MASH SF Vegas race 2012, Lord Of Griffith 4, CA State champion 2012 (team sprint), Encino Summer series King Of Track 2012, Winningest AlleyCat Racer in Los Angeles

Most memorable moment on the bike: In 2009 I went to SF to race an Alley Cat. This was the 2nd time i've ever been in San Francisco, but the first time i was there with a track bike. This was a time before people depended on smartphones. You had to either carry a map with you or come up to a stranger and ask them where such place was. The concept was amazing. they lined everyone up told us that the manifest was in some page of a local newspaper. The manifest was a fake add to a fake strip club and it had all the checkpoints written down. As soon as the race started everyone scattered in every direction. I didn't know anyone So i just followed people to the next Checkpoint. Somehow we got to the first checkpoint first, and there was no one there to sign our manafest. so we looked around and waited for a minute or so. the next group shows up and of the racers in this group was like "fuck it there's no one here, just take a photo" he was a local messenger named Chas Christiansen (before he became an iconic bike messenger, NACCC Champion and founder of TCB Courier) and i was like "he looks like he knows whats up" So i followed him for the rest of the race. i got the best tour of SF ever for a tourist. He ended up winning the race and i got 2nd place. It was a beautiful time where all the people who are now considered Fixie gods were just rebel street racers and there was no money to be made or sponsors to please, just the opportunity to make the time of your life and make friends.

Favorite song to ride to: The Shape of Punk to Come by Refused

Favorite State Bicycle Co. bike: My Contender. It's the bike that i ride the most. It’'s my “everyday” bike.

Favorite Movie: Senna (a documentary about Ayrton Senna)

Race Day Meal: Some toast and lots of coffee.

Favorite Food: Anything my mom makes.

Best piece of cycling advice you've received: If you are tired, they are tired too. So attack

Why fixed?: because it requires very little and it can give you so much.

What is your favorite SBC trip / ride / memory: Going to Puerto Rico for Fijate was awesome, SSCX Philly was also tons of fun

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