Josh Tyrrell

Name:  Josh Tyrrell

Birthday:  June 26th, 1991

Member of Team since: October 2014

Notable Races / Wins: Local to Montreal I am the series leader in the Tooniecrit series. I have competitive results in the rhc events thus far, but no W. But, as far as races go RHC and WPH Series are definitely my favorites.  There's also a crazy fast road crit in Montreal called "Les Mardis Cycliste" It's stupid fast.

Most memorable moment on the bike: climbing and descending Lemmon.(road) my fixed gear bike would definitely have to be the whole week I spent in Barcelona leading up to last year's rhc. Specifically riding the Olympic velodrome.

Favorite song to ride to: "There He Go" by Schoolboy Q

Favorite State Bicycle Co. bike: My favorite bike is my Undefeated, love that thing!

Favorite Movie: 'The Island', or 'The Italian Job'

Race Day Meal: 4 egg omelet with everything in it.

Best piece of cycling advice you've received: Take chances and go fast. Never stay on the same wheel.

Why fixed?: Because that's where cycling started for me, mainly a budgetary thing. But also, how pimp do these bikes look all dialed in!?

Favorite SBC trip: Tough call between Red Hook Crit London and the upcoming trip to LA for civic center Crit. It has't happened yet, but I can only imagine it will be epic. Barcelona is gonna be off the chain too.. You know what, all the trips are exceptional hahaha!

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"Time Sense - Josh Tyrrell : Red Bull Canada x State Bicycle Co."

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