Lindsey Ryder

Name:  Lindsey Ryder

BIrthday:  March 2

Member of Team since: 2014

Notable Races / Wins: 3 National Championship Podiums in May 2014 (5th Place USAT Collegiate Olympic Distance Triathlon, 3rd Place USAT Collegiate Super Sprint Relay, 5th USAC Collegiate Individual Time Trial

Most memorable moment on the bike: Taking pictures. I document most of my rides in pictures so that I'll always remember the adventures.

Favorite song to ride to: Nature! I typically don't listen to music when I ride.

Favorite State Bicycle Co. bike:  My Hot Pink 6061 Black Label, of course! I have my eyes on the Pink/Black Thunderbird Cyclocross Bike as my next favorite.

Favorite Movie: Top Gun!

Race Day Meal: Night before race day meal: a giant bowl of ice cream.

Favorite Food: Mexican!

Best piece of cycling advice you've received: "You're stronger than you think you are" I think about that every time I race

Why fixed?: The State Bicycle Co.  team is awesome and to mix up my bike game.

What is your favorite SBC trip / ride / memory: Climbing Mt. Lemmon on our fixed gears. Everyone thought we were crazy, but we did it anyway.


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