Bryan 'B-Hard" Harding

Name:  Bryan Harding
Birthday:  February 1st, 1989
Member of Team since: 2010

Notable Races / Wins: Well I've got two Dagger Death Race wins and the tattoos to prove 'em. Other than that, always the bridesmaid, never the bride, always KOM of the party.
Most memorable moment on the bike: In the neighborhood I group up in there's a hill we used to bomb on our bmx bikes. You could hit 30+mph which is like Mach 5 for little kids on 20inch wheeled bikes that they worked on themselves. Tucking down into my bars, praying that none of our parents drove by and see us flying past, I love feeling that nostalgia whenever I get loose and fast on a bike.
Favorite song to ride to: If you're not listening to Bob Log III, you're missing out on Arizona's first prima donna.
Favorite State Bicycle Co. bike:  Currently the Thunderbird however that answer is always subject to change based on whatever newness SBC is cooking up.
Favorite Movie: My "Cool Guy" answer would be the classic little ditty Black Orpheus however I can quote a majority of StepBrothers and that movie will never not be hilarious.
Race Day Meal: Anything not overly greasy or spicy, no one wants wet-farts right before or during a race.
Favorite Food: Whatever Josh Tyrell is cooking.
Best piece of cycling advice you've received: Have faith in your bike, it wants to go fast make it through in one piece as much as you do.
Why fixed?: Why not? We tend to over-complicate things and the simplicity of a fixed gear puts my mind to ease. It's not always the most practical machine but I love a good challenge. And yes, the adrenaline rush of bombing down a steep grade will always put a shit eating grin on my face (albeit sometimes not until I've reached the bottom)
What is your favorite SBC trip / ride / memory: Fijate 2014! Nothing like racing bikes and drinking Gasolina on the beaches of Puerto Rico with a bunch of fixie foos!
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