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Chris Tolley

Chris Tolley | Since 2019


Major Race Results:

  • Mission Crit – 5th
  • Bone Machine – 2nd
  • RHC Brooklyn – 15th
  • Joe Martin Stage Race: Day 2 – 5th
  • USA Crits El Paso – 11th
  • Texas State Champion: Pro/1 Crit

Favorite YouTube Video:


Go To Post Ride Snack:

Big Tarzan Salad from Bouldin Creek

Hidden Talent:

I can do hi-kicks and the splits. And BMX. I love that.

If you could have lunch with anyone, with whom and where would you go?:

Rick Owens. No question.

Best Ride Ever:

Mt. Galibier – 67mph descent

Worst Ride Ever:

Anything with a headwind in both directions

Best piece of cycling advice you ever got:


Catch Me Ridin’:

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Damon Spark
Damon Spark

May 17, 2021

Does Jake have anything better to do?


February 05, 2021

I love this guy’s energy! A great fit for the State message (i.e., get on your bike and “send it”). More Tolley, please!


July 28, 2020

Does State Bicycles endorse racing in a pandemic? Does State bicycles believe that the science demonstrating that masks and social distancing reduce the incidence of COVID19 transmission should be politicized? Does state bicycles support endangering the community of racers and prolonging the pandemic in order to promote their brand?

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