Josh Tyrrell

Josh Tyrrell | Since 2014

Major Race Results:

  • A couple top 20s in various RHC’s
  • GC Win at Fyxation Omnium
  • 3rd place Bone Machine 2018
  • 1st place RedBull Race the Place
  • 4th place NMC Omnium

Favorite YouTube Video:


Go To Post Ride Snack:

PB & honey w/ banana slices on whole wheat

Favorite Song to Ride To:

Cardi B – "Bartier Cardi"

Hidden Talent:

Being a class Sportsman

If you could have lunch with anyone, with whom and where would you go?:

All you can eat sushi with Taylor Phiney, Bob Marley, Stoney Brown (Pauly Shore) from Encino man, and Sir Smokes-alot from Half Baked

Best Ride Ever:

Mont Ventoux 48x17 Up&Down brakeless 2015

Worst Ride Ever:

Riding out to Brockville from Montreal

Best piece of cycling advice you ever got:


Catch Me Ridin’:

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November 20, 2018

How to get a sponsorship? I ride fixie for like 1 year and 4 months. Hope you support the fixie riders scene here in Philippines. Thankyou and Safe ride : )))) whooo!

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