Eric F.

Eric F. | President / Co-Founder | Since 2009

Tell us about your bike:

I have 4 State's right now – an original 6061, Saturday city bike, 8-sp Megalith, and a 4130 Core Line from about 2011. Currently having the most fun on the Megalith but I'm eager to pick up a new 6061 Black Label v2!

Favorite YouTube Video:


If you could have lunch with anyone who and where would you go?

I gotta take Jesus on this one, we'd have a lot to cover.

Go To Post Ride Snack:

Hummus, nuts, pepperoni and pita chips

Best Ride Ever:

Last winter I went out solo on my Megalith in Northern Arizona and just had a blast. It was sunny and cold, but had just snowed, so think thick snow, mud, dirt, ice, standing water, gravel, etc – just a collection of basically every terrain. I almost fell like 7 times because I kept hitting ice patches that I didn't see, but it was super fun...

Worst Ride Ever:

Also a solo ride, left my house about 8pm in the dead of winter (probably 40 degrees, that's as severe as it gets in Phoenix...) and no more than .5 mile in it starts raining and the wind kicks in. Gloves were wet, hands were freezing, not dressed appropriately for it – just a total mess all around, but I made the most of it.

Favorite Song to Ride To:

Not sure there's a specific song but it's likely on a George Strait rotation