Melissa G.

Melissa G. | Sales & Customer Service Manager | Since 2013

Tell us about your bike:

I ride a bit of everything: Fixed (Undefeated II), Cyclocross + Gravel (Warhawk, single speed / Thunderbird, geared), and Mountain (Pulsar). My favorite recently has been my Pulsar Deluxe SS Mountain Bike, customized with purple anodized Endless Bike Co. drivetrain and a few other parts! This bike looks as good as it shreds! 

Favorite YouTube Video:

Go To Post Ride Snack:

Beer and Pizza!

Best Ride Ever:

The annual Tour de Bosa donut ride! This 53 mile ride features stops at seven (7!) Bosa Donut locations around the valley...and of course you eat a donut at each one!

Worst Ride Ever:

Single Speed AZ 2017 (SSMTB) - Started off with a 13-20% grade for ~2 miles...should have known then it was going to be a long day! We then climbed up about 8 miles of Mt Lemmon on the road, followed by more singletrack hike-a-bike than one should see in a lifetime. There were a few fun descents mixed in, but I finally bailed at about the half way point and headed back to camp totally defeated. 

Favorite Song to Ride To:

I don't usually like to wear headphones while I am riding, but when I do you are likely to find some mid 2000's era pop punk/emo.

Catch Me Ridin’: