Warhawk Gravel / CX Bike: Navy, Maroon & Gold
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Warhawk Gravel / CX Bike: Navy, Maroon & Gold
Steel Workhorse!

4130 Chromoly steel frame/fork, Cantilever brakes & Kenda Small Block 8’s are just the start on our core line Single Speed Cyclo-Cross (SSCX) bike. Intended for maximum versatility, the Warhawk is the type of bike you take barreling through the cross course on Saturday, spray down on Sunday and then commute to work with on Monday.
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How did the Warhawk hold up during our latest Off-Road Exploration?
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  • Frame/Fork: 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • Brake: Cantilever
  • Handlebars: Zoom Drop Bar
  • Seatpost: Zoom Alloy
  • Wheelset: 30MM Deep Rim
  • Tires: Kenda Small Block 8
  • Cable Guides: Affixed throughout the frame

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Great bike for the price

    Still haven't rode the bike yet however Im in the process of building it up. I built a lot of bikes over the years working for shops and seen some crazy stuff come out of boxes. One thing I always do is pull the bottom bracket and clean the shell. Much to my surprise, this had been done at the factory! Most big manufacturers DONT do that! I was happy to save my fingers from getting hacked up on metal shavings. A bit of grease and it went back together like a charm. The wheels were fairly true out of the box and the hubs are well adjusted. All thats left is dial the brakes and style the cockpit.

    The only thing I would change is the rear hub. After the great article about riding the Warhawk in the mountains fixed, I would have liked a flip-flop hub as an option. My rear wheel came with a nice free hub and disc brake rotor mount. Its a nice hub but kind of a waste seeing as the bike frame lacks disc mounts or a derailleur hanger. In the big picture, very minor thing. Ans it gives me an excuse to build a new wheel set. Thanks State!

    My new go-places rig

    So far it has been a joy. The bike is geared to really be used as an off-road machine, so riding it around town with slicks has been a little bit of an adventure (a lot of coasting or comically high cadence) but I'll get that sorted out with a new cog. In general though it is exactly what I'm looking for, and I suspect I'll be using it as my daily driver for a long time. It feels great, and I love the way it looks. One interesting thing to note: The stock photos of the Warhawk show a single speed Novatec hub, whereas mine shipped with an 11-speed hub with single speed conversion spacers on it. This isn't a problem, just was unexpected.

    cyclocross commuter

    Owned the bike for a little over a year now. At first I changed the ratio up front from the 36 to a 41 leaving the back cog stock at 19. Ultimately changed back to 36 and went down to 14T. 36/14 has been perfect for me (for reference: I'm 5'0" inseam is 28ish) The 46 frame is almost too big but I slammed my stem and wearing vans it's almost unnoticeable. Brakes require a some work to get them dialed in. I commute to my jobs and back and forth to bars and coffee shops occasionally. The roads in my area are not bike friendly but I've never gotten stranded. Certain components are getting surface rust on them that will need to be touched up but I live on the coast in Florida so it is somewhat expected. Super happy with my purchase. Couldn't build a bike of this quality for less IMO.

    Great bicycle, easy ordering, fast shipping!

    My STATE bicycle is exactly what I wanted...very pleased!


    I have put just over 100 miles on the Warhawk, within the first 20 miles I put a different set of brake pads on it. Stock ones squeaked a bit. The bicycle handles great, loads of fun to ride, lots of questions asking where it came from and what it is. Stock gearing is pretty alright as well. Incredibly happy with my purchase!

    Great bike

    The bike has held up very well. However my first complaint is that I had to have the rear brakes adjusted at my local shop because no matter how I would adjust them they would rub. The local bike shop ended up having to replace the cable and housing, which cost about $60, as it was too short and caused the housing to crimp. Also there was a large scratch on one fork leg right out of the box. It wasn't all the way through the paint but still didn't expect a brand new boxed bike to have such a big scrape. Lastly I believe the bottle cage mounts are not perfectly centered on both the down and seat tube. It might just be me though. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to ship it back and wait for another to be shipped, I would have returned it for another because of the blemishes, but as they're mainly superficial I didn't bother. However the fact that I had to pay out of pocket to have the brakes work properly was a little upsetting.

    Great value for the $$, mucho fun in the mud!

    Are you going to win the Cross Crusade with a Warhawk? No. But you will have a lot of fun bumping around in the local mud and dirt. this is a great value bike for the $$ with good quality all the way around. Welds are pretty nice and tight, brakes are the well-engineered calipers we've had for years, and the drive train pretty standard. The gearing is pretty spot-on for a single-speed, at least in the flatland swamps of the Gulf Coast. But for less that $600? How can you pass it up? I just added a Warhawk to my stable and kicking myself for not doing it sooner!