Undefeated II - Black & White Edition
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Undefeated II - Black & White Edition
Race Ready - Out The Box.

Straight out of the box - the Undefeated II is a race ready, beast of a machine. Building upon the original Undefeated's winning pedigree, The Undefeated II comes stock premium SRAM Omnium Cranks, Michelin Tires and Ritchey Components stock while featuring new and lighter rounded 7005 Aluminum Double Butted Tubes. The stiffened front end features a newly oversized-tapered head tube and matching Essor USA full carbon fork for superior handling and responsiveness. These new features make The Undefeated II the perfect tool for mastering fixed-gear crits. The Essor USA Bolt 31 wheelset is an added bonus - being both lightweight enough to race (1736 g) while still being durable to take a beating on the street.
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The favorite in track and fixed-gear racing. Our most responsive and powerful machine yet boasts nothing but premiere parts and components:

  • Frame: 7005-Grade Double Butted Aluminium Track. Black w/ White and Silver accents (1532g - Size 55)
  • Fork: Full (Blades and Steer Tube) Carbon Track by Essor USA (340 g)
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Omnium w/ GXP bottom bracket
  • Wheelset: Essor USA Bolt Wheel Set (1736 g) - Flip / Flop Hub
  • Tires: Michelin Dynamic Sports tires
  • Ritchey Components: High-end alloy at seat post & stem
  • Handlebars: 31.8mm Track Drops
  • Saddle: Microfiber black
  • Brakes: Included
  • Weight: 15 lbs 6oz (size 55)

*Pedals not included.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    I love this bike!

    I am so happy with this bike! I am a single speed guy 100%. I commute and ride for pleasure around Minneapolis and St. Paul every day the weather permits. I ordered the vision flat/bullhorn bars with the build and put a comfy saddle, a freewheel, and clipless pedals on the bike, and it's nearly at optimal efficiency and utility. I will upgrade the tires and maybe the brakes next season. I have been out riding with some friends on geared bikes and I am keeping pace on the flats and SMOKING them on the hills--such a good climber! I love the simplicity of the bike. Thank you so much for making such a sweet build! I'd be interested in buying an even lighter build, maybe all carbon fiber, in a few years, if State Bike Co. can put one together for me ;)

    Fast and quiet

    This bike knows how to move. If you want to go faster, it’ll laugh and say, “you call this fast” It’s also a known fact that a quiet bake is a fast bike and this one holds true to that. Silently gliding along the road is a dream. This bike is worth it.

    Fast and quiet

    This bike knows how to move. If you want to go faster, it’ll laugh and say, “you call this fast?” It’s also a known fact that a quiet bake is a fast bike and this one holds true to that. Silently gliding along the road is a dream. This bike is worth it.

    The best ride and best service

    Love the bike in every aspect. The customer service was impeccable.


    Had a frame shipped to Canadia. Was very stoked to receive it, upon unboxing, there was a dent in the top tube, MFG defect FOR SURE. The box was totally intact and showed no signs of damage. Either way, got an email going with the Shipping and CS team and they are sending a replacement frame ASAP. SERIOUSLY! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. V stoked to get on this bike and tear it up!!

    SBC 4 LYFE

    Awesome bicycle and customer support.

    I think the bicycle Undefeated lives up to it's name. The customer service was really helpful.

    One bad mamma jamma!

    I bought the undefeated as a recommendation from a couple of coworkers that ride state bicycles. For the price you cannot beat the components that comes with this bike. I’ve only ridden it for about 20 miles or so but first impressions are great. Fit and finish is top notch and for my first fixed gear I’m very impress with the bike.

    Can’t go wrong.

    Purchased two bikes, the contender two and the undefeated two. Simple fact is you make a great product, at a fair price. Customer service is excellent, the way things should be.

    Great Ride ... Unbeatable Build for the cost!

    So I had my eye on the Undefeated II bike since it came out. I do not find this build cheap in quality or product at all. I did find that out of the box, the components at the Head Tube did require some TLC with some grease. ( I had some squeaking coming from these components). Other than that, the wheels should get a proper Trueing before installing and it was good to go.
    Now, I had put an order in for me and my gf, Hers came with Drop Bars and mine came with a compact drop. Mine were a smidge too wide for me and the Drop bars on hers had to be changed out as she wanted a different feel. **Must note** there are no brake line clips in the packaging as in their regular 4130 series bikes. I settled on leaving some tape on frame and zip ties for now.

    The wheel set is light.

    The build is light.

    The brakes handles I didn't dig too much because I wanted to use standard road brakes on the compact drops. So they were changed out, and the brakes can stop very quickly.

    The seat that came with the bike had a cushiony feel, with a felt type material covering it. It however is very comfortable, even when wearing bike shorts or not.

    I will say it is a lightweight bike, with minor adjustments you can get even a better ride. I just rode 45 miles in the city and hit bridges when I couldn't do over 30 miles comfortable in State's stock 4130 bike. At the end my build came out to 18.5 lbs with both brakes added.

    As it stands now, this is a ridiculous offering for their price point.

    Not bad at all, great buy for the money.

    Out of the box, it's a pretty good bike overall. Very light, feels silly fast, accelerates well, and handles great! I matched a 3 year old record i had on Strava from my carbon road bike on my first ride on this bike. Gearing is good to about 28-29mph on the sprint. Despite its sloped forward top tube, its surprisingly comfortable too. It does have some problems but it is okay given the price, you can always upgrade when you gather up some more money for the right parts to fit your needs. Some things I did notice: some spokes had chipped paint and rear wheel is slightly out of true, and there were some imperfections in the paint ...chip by the head tube and what feels like a grain of sand under the paint in two places, but the design is great and looks fast. The lack of bottle cage mounts in the frame forced me to buy a specialized saddle with its integrated cage mount. I tried a seat post mount but the bottle did not fit correctly in the space available. The tires are rather small (23c) but I suppose its for aero purposes...waiting on some 25c's to come in the mail. The saddle looks cool but way too small for me. The brake is just to slow you down gradually since it has hardly any bite and the lever feels flimsy. The rest is good: great crankset, chain, stem, seat post, and handle bar. It comes with a 90mm stem, so I switched to a riser bar with oury grips. Very happy with the purchase and can't wait to ride it more once the weather gets better.