FGFS - Shockwave


[Q] Can I bar spin with this bike!?
[A] Of course, this is designed to full clear a 360-deg. bar spin.

[Q] How large of a tire can I put on the FGFS frame?
[A] This will accommodate at least a 50c tire, no problem. The State Bicycle Co. - FGFS models come standard with 35c tires.

[Q] Is this different from the other State Bicycle Co. models?
[A] Yes, it’s almost entirely different. Everything has been designed from the bottom up to make this a perfect ride with FGFS.

[Q] Do the bicycles come assembled?
[A] The bicycle will ship “90% assembled”, which means you will need to attach the handlebars, saddle, pedals, front wheels, and a few other minor parts, as well as adjusting, tightening, and tuning. It is possible to build with moderate knowledge of bicycles, however, State Bicycle Co. highly encourages all bicycles to be built by a professional. The bicycle will be safer and will ride drastically better when assembled and tuned properly – in other words, don’t just “throw it together”. It is also possible to ship your order directly to a bicycle shop for assembly.

[Q] Does the bike come with brakes ?
[A] Yes. All State Bicycles will come with a removable front brake and rear brake in the box.

[Q] When will I receive my bike?
[A] We ship several times per week using UPS Ground, USPS, or in come cases FedEx. Tracking numbers will be provided at shipment.

[Q] Do the bicycles come with a warranty?
[A] Our bikes come with a 1 year warranty. For more information please visit :

[Q] What is your return policy?
[A] In the unlikely event you would like to return your product, you may do so within 7 days of delivery. Please contact us at to arrange a return. For full return policy click here.