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My first Steel Bike

I gotta say you guys got it right with the freewheel side. I can pedal. The 45 /14 fixie is another story. I am buying an 18 for that side so I can ride the fixie over hill and dale! I love the black bike and I love the weight of it on my commute to and from work each day! Thanks so much!

Great so far

Have had this bike for a couple months now, and still love it. Feels very stiff and snappy, and the lightness really comes through on hills. Gumwall tires look great, though they already have threads showing through on some patches.

Kryptonite Evolution™ Mini-5 U-Lock

Great price but that comes at a price

As I was putting the bike together it became clear that it wasn’t assembled very well. The headset was notchy as was the bottom bracket and one of the pedals. I ended up taking the headset apart to put the appropriate amount of grease in the bearings. I am going to ride it a bit before I tackle the B.B. I replaced the pedals with clip less anyway so that didn’t matter. Otherwise I like the look of the bike and look forward to riding it.

I love this bike! looks astonishing, rides well! easy to put together! love it


Purchased this bike in may, I’ve been racing it and beating crap out of it for 5 months now. 2-300 miles in (mostly a cx race bike ) and this thing hasn’t missed a beat. I’ve had no issues and only replace a chain and brake pads.(northeast cx races get muddy) the bike is a great entry level race bike or even a gravel bike to rip around your local paths and roads your afraid to take your road bike down. You can’t beat the price point on this bike esp. with the ritchey components. 10-10 but this bike and do rad stuff!


This jersey is the best bang for your buck! Actually , it’s more. The fit is true to size, and the elastic arm bands aren’t too tight but grip great. The little storage pocket is amazing, fits cards or license and cash and you never have to worry about it flying out. Let’s face it, plain is better. Most kits are too busy and not my style and these black label jerseys are perfect in styling and performance. Definitely reccomend adding a few of these to the collection.

Nice wheel

The wheel was delivered in perfect condition. The bearings are smooth and the wheel was true.

Soooooo good.

This frameset is soooo sweet! I got the Photon Blue and it POPs! I love it! Its light, super easy to put together and rides amazing. I had the OG Undefeated, as well as a Contender prior, and this is a HUGE upgrade. Been riding around the last few days on the streets and I am in love! Responsive, and stiff, but doesnt beat you up! Light enough to climb around on, and solid enough to hob a curb and it wont snap on you. I cant wait to log more miles on it, but I am stoked to see such a bright and eye catching colorway! Like the old team colors, but brighter and more eye catching. Had a few compliments in the neighborhood yesterday on the color. It really is awesome!

Black Label V2, Frame with accessories

Prompt and courteous service. Light, responsive and firm ride. This is fun.

Absolutely Phenomenal

Excellent deal

Cant decide which of state bicycles awesome jerseys to get? Order the mystery Jersey for half the price and get sent a Jersey at random. Like a kid at christmas! Or just order the donut Jersey because let's be honest, we all ride to eat and drink more.

The socks are cool

They're great socks, they just didn't fit me. So I gave them to my kid sister. There wasn't an option to pick a size, so I assumed they were one size fits all. It's all good though, my sister likes them.

Great shit!

Comfortable material. Great fit. Awesome design. What else can you ask for?


I bought a frame set!!

Comfy + Fits Great + Pocket with a zipper!

I love this kit! The fabric is super high quality, I love the minimalist design, super comfy chamois, it gets perfect and I LOVE that the rear pockets have a zipper! This is definitely the best kit I've tried in the price range, I cant think of a better deal


Nice Commuter Bike. Quality Paint but the Bell could be improved. Where is the Bottle opener on the Rylee Located

awesome kit !!!!

great service


I want to buy all of it, but I only bought the straps,”. LOVE EM’

waffle soles for your hands

i like the grips a lot. they feel just like im holding vans . great board feel....wait wrong sport... great hand grippage ! .the rubber even smells the same . cool stuff. get ya some grips an ride the gnargoyle

Simpson’s T

Great fit, great quality! Keep it up!

Thickslick Tire

Awesome bike!

Have only had a few days riding so far due to the distance it has travelled, getting it through customs and finding the time to get it professionally assembled however I am loving it so far! Looks set to be my primary mode of transport for the next few years.

Great service , even better product.

Very nice product , quality materials for N awesome price.