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It's a bike

I ordered a bike. It arrived. I ride it. Get one or don't, nobody cares.

Pigeon - Core-Line
The bike that started it all

I bought this bike because I wanted something solid and reliable for a decent price. What I go was way more than I could have imagined! I have owned this bike for a year now and have over 3,400 miles on it. From commuting, to workout rides, to doing my first century. If you are looking at getting into single speed/fixed riding or just want a solid set up to get you back and forth, this monster will do it with a smile on its face for a price that fits with ANY BUDGET! I can't say enough about how much I love this thing. You will not be sorry, the only regret you will have is that you didn't buy two. ***I have updated the front fork, wheels, and cranks over the past year, but don't let that be a deterrent. Those upgrades were WANTS, not NEEDS***


I unpackaged this bike and instantly understood what King Arthur felt when he unsheathed Excalibur from the stone. When I saddled up this beast power rushed through my body from my handlebar mustache to my cuffed jeans. I signed a deal with devil and threw away the brakes that came in the box. When I did so a sleeve tattoo appeared on my arm, I think I leveled up to a new type of hipster.

Thunderbird - Gravel / CycloCross Bike: Army & Burnt Orange

Upon arrival, this bicycle explodeded it's way out of the box and sprang to life like an anthropomorphic vehicle from a Michael Bay franchise. In no time(very minimal assembly required), I was absolutely crushng my local streets like a killdozer. I got arrested for property destruction by municipal law enforcement, but there was Thunderbird, waiting at detention to bail me out. After a few beers and laughs, I commented on the Thunderbird's sexy lines and rock solid build, which led to an all night ride. This one's a keeper.
I'm 5'11" and the 55 fits great.
Fast shipping and good customer service.

Great bike, questionable rubber

Out of the box the Black Label v2 is a beautiful looking bike. Clean paint job, low-key branding and unified design. Very impressed. The build was easy too. Everything needed was in the box and it was all carefully and thoughtfully packaged for shipping.

As other reviewers have noted, the stock tires are garbage, narrow and cheap. The tan sidewalls look great, but not even racers are riding 700x23c tires anymore. They really detract from the overall impression and are an immediate, necessary upgrade as nothing about them feels useful. Lots of other things can be upgraded when ordering, the tires should be an option too. Or just make a reasonably sized tire standard. Additionally, and this is a small quibble because most people will probably ride this bike without brakes, but if you're going to make brakes available, include cable guides on the frame. Having to tape or zip tie the rear cable to the frame ruins the aesthetic and again, detracts from the overall, finished impression.

Finally, the front wheel needed truing and tensioning. It had all types of hops in it and the spokes were incredibly loose. Not a problem if you're having a shop build it but because it's an online order, lots of people might choose to assemble the bike themselves and getting the wheels tensioned and true is a big ask.

First few ride impressions are positive once I put some decent tires on the wheels. The bike is comfortable, confident and nimble. Really enjoying it and happy with my purchase. Would definitely but again and recommend.

Wulf - Core-Line
Solid entry level fixed

If you’re looking at this bike, chances are you know what you want: an entry level fixed gear bicycle that will work. Out of the box, this bike will perform just fine for the casual city cruiser or the eager weekend warrior. The (mostly) no-name components seem plenty capable of regular use for years to come. The wheels are a bit hefty (cartridge bearings are a nice touch) and will probably require regular truing, the drivetrain is smooth and quiet enough, the saddle will work, the frame is just as flexy, yet smooth as you’d expect from this steel, and the thing just looks damn good. I have chosen to replace/upgrade some of the components, not out of necessity, but simply because I enjoy wrenching on and nerding out on my bikes. I weighed many options in this price range and I’m glad I landed on this particular cycle. Be it a commuter, a project bike, or just an entry into the world of fixies, I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Pull the trigger. Get this neat, affordable bike. Be happy.

4130 - Matte Black 6 – (Fixed Gear / Single-Speed)
Matte 6 almost all black

My over all experience was ok. I bought the bike after a bunch of research that showed good and bad experiences with state bicycle. I thought free shipping and returns that’s cool till I realized I would pay the return shipping. I received the bike in good time and opened it to find I needed to have a bike shop assemble the bike to have the warranty active. Not so fun I live in the middle of nowhere and the one bike shop has a two week wait. So I built it my self, didn’t seem scary for an experienced acft mechanic. Got the packaging open and the spokes were all chipped up so I called and was told I would have to mail the whole thing back. At this point I said forget it I’ll keep the bike buy some paint and have learned my lesson.

4130 - Matte Black 6 – (Fixed Gear / Single-Speed)
Looks great, but the quality is another story...

Upon receiving the bike, the first night was spent fishing a piece of scrap metal out of the deep-v rims that was clanking around anytime the wheel moved (1). I'll spare you the numerous science experiments I conducted trying to get it out. The rims were scratched from the shipping process (2). The front brake cable was short (3), so I ended up having to cut down the rear brake cable and using it for the front. The front wheel is not inline with the front fork (4), causing a bit of concern. The front brake pads that came with the bike are too long (5) and are rubbing against the front fork. After all that, the 62 cm frame is incredibly small (6). I've ridden it under 10 miles and I'm already working on my post for CraigsList, hoping to redeem some of my money back and not have to box the bike up and then eat the shipping cost. Overall, I am feeling extremely defeated by this experience. I did my best to work through the various issues that arose, but it was just one thing after another. Once I had the bike up and running and realized that the frame was too small (I've been riding 60-64 cm bikes for the last decade), I was over it and ready to move on. My friend got a State Bicycle a few months back and it's working out perfectly, but unfortunately after this experience I'm not sure if I would be able to recommend this brand to anyone.

Missing quality

For the price tag I was expecting much more than a nice paint job. After ~200miles rear hub already needs to be greased. Brakes are hard to adjust as well. Replaced saddle immediately because of how uncomfortable it was. The crank is constantly coming undone and I've needed to tighten it 3 times already.

The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co - Donut Undefeated Frame & Fork Set
Go Nuts for Donuts

Ordering was a breeze. Delivery was quicker than expected. Paint job looks even better in person. The 57cm fits me like a glove (5’11”). This bike is really great at making me look faster than I actually am. I wish the frame was drilled for a bottle cage, but other than that, super happy.

Pigeon - Core-Line
This is a great bike.

I probably have low standards. This is the first time I've purchased a new bike that wasn't a Wal-mart or Academy special, and my last bike was a hand-me-down from my brother-in-law who is shorter than me. I had the seat on that thing set as high as it would go and my knees were still half bent at the end of each down stroke. Anyways, I probably have low standards.

When that other bike was stolen off my back porch (no thanks to my dog Sydney, the friendliest guard dog ever), I decided to actually give some thought to the kind of bike I wanted. I didn't want anything too expensive. I didn't want anything too complicated. And I didn't want something I would regret riding to work everyday.

This bike does all of that and more. It's a joy to ride. I feel good riding it, and for someone who hasn't done much riding, that's about the best thing I can ask for.

I guess my main complaint is that because I'm fat, anytime I'm riding against the wind I feel like the world is trying to kill me. But that's not really a complaint about the bike. So there you go.


This bike is rad - even has rainbow SPARKLES on the frame which adds to the awesome. Was delivered quickly and without any damage.

Thunderbird Gravel/Cyclocross bike where afford ability & versatility shine brightly

After doing the research looking for a single speed gravel/cyclocross bike that was both affordable and easily upgraded, I decided to go with the State Bicycle Thunderbird. I spent my money on this bike and these are my observations.

The bike came ridiculously fast, 2 days from Phoenix to Denver! It was a straightforward build, it came well packed and there were no issues putting it together. While assembling the bike I noticed there was some paint chipping off near the rear dropouts, but that was luckily the horrifically colored pink which I planned on painting anyway.

The components are decent middle of the road quality. I purchased the size 55cm, it came with 40cm bars and 170mm cranks which are too small for that size bike. I swapped them out for 44cm wide bars and 175mm cranks. The bottom bracket is high enough, there is no reason to go with such short cranks. The seat looks nice and seems to fit my butt, I realize that is subjective though.

The bike isn't light, but isn't a tank either. A few things that would drop some weight: A good quality tubeless wheel set (with lighter folding tires), better quality crank set, swap the BB5’s for BB7’s (more adjustable, sealed from the elements and lighter), swapping out the 1/8" chain for for a 3/32" and a carbon post would improve ride quality and drop some weight.

I now have almost 200 miles on my Tbird and the bottom line is when asked the question "would you buy it again?" and the answer is yes, I would buy it again.

(Should be a 4.5 star review)

Industry standard 135mm rear & 100mm quick release wheel spacing
Lightweight aluminum frame & carbon fiber fork
Eccentric bottom bracket for chain tensioning
Good quality Ritchey Logic components
Sram/Avid brakes & levers
More than 1 water bottle mount

Heavy non-tubeless, no-name rims laced to low end Joytech/Novatec hubs
Narrow 40cm bars on the size large frame
Short 170mm and heavy no name crank set
Obnoxious color choices

A fine way to practice real estate.

I bought this bike to launch my new business as a real estate agent who does home tours by bike here in Portland, Or and I wanted a bike other than my racer bikes and wanted something classy looking as I tour my clients around town and the Elliston was the perfect fit. I can load it up when needed or head out as is and it will always look good! As I grow "Your Home by Bike", I might get to the point of buying additional Elliston's for my out of town clients since they are super easy and comfortable to pedal around.

A solid $550 bike

The good: as advertised it's a solid serviceable bike at a good price point.

The no so good: the valve stems were bent on both tubes that shipped with the bike so the tubes were useless. The front wheel was not true out of the box. The deraileur is a little sticky across the middle cogs. I've played around with the tension a bit but I can't seem to get all 8 cogs dialed in just right. My sense is that State Bicycle Co. is better at fixies and single speeds than they are at geared bikes at the moment.

Great Crank

Ordered this Crankset and FSA bottom bracket with my BLACK LABEL V2. Very nice looking CNC machined. Color and design of crank are beautiful. And at 561 grams, this baby is light. I prefer square taper to Omnium interface. I have my reasons. While technically better on paper, the BLACK LABEL CRANK is, IMO, more crank and bb than 99% of street riders out there can need or use. Installation is key. Grease bb threads and frame threads well, install with "accurate" torque wrench. Manufactures send bb's out with grease on axle ends or spindles. This part is what fits into crank arms, the square taper. Clean ALL grease off spindle and crank receiving hole, insert dry, blue loctite CLEAN crank arm bolt to recommended torque, NO MORE. After 2 rides, re-torque arms. They will settle in. I torque mine crank bolts 20 ft. Lbs., no more. Highly recommend these cranks.

Wulf - Core-Line
Sweet Ride for kicking around the city

I bought the Wulf as my daily commuter/kick around the city bike. First of all, the pictures don't do this bike justice. It just looks good.

As my first Fixie, it was and still is a bit of a challenge for me to get used too, coming from a geared roadie. But the bike is everything I expected and wanted. Sturdy and rugged to handle the Philadelphia street. Nimble enough for me to get through traffic. Solid enough for me to lock up outside and not worry about it. It looks great, in a very sleek and understated way, and feels good to ride.

EXCELLENT marketing - **** product

I will keep it short - I was on the hunt for a timeless bike crate and after spending time hunting bike shops and the internets I found this setup. Lets list all the **** you sent me: • Wood was banged to ****, I know its for a bike but I like to bang things to **** on my own terms. • Was expecting a built product for that much shipping cost and retail. NOPE might as well gone to IKEA • Screws were WAYYYYY too long - not sure how much you know about wood working but screws that long in a board that thin make thing splinter and crack. It is a really nice look when you mount it. • Why even include a childs screwdriver? You have to bore enough screws to build a dog house into this piece of **** • No mounting bolts for the frame - glad I have a buttload of zip ties but now my bike looks like it is being held together by its its last threads - super classy guys super classy. • **** this product, **** the time I wasted • Sandwiches and sodas fit great in the crate.

Lo-Pro Wheels completely out of true.

Though they were packaged extremely carefully, my Lo-Pro wheels came out of the box EXTREMELY wobbly - the front rim even had some hop to it which, since it is radially spoked, is nearly impossible to fix. A trip to my local bike magician and $45 more dollars later, they were trued. Such a shame that State sends out such wobbly wheels.

Sweet Frameset and Wheels, surprisingly meh components.

First fixed gear, but not my first bike. I bought this because the 62cm Raw black label was out of stock. Stem and drivetrain are pretty clicky under force. I’ve heard from other people that this drivetrain is clicky for them as well. The white bits look cool but get dirty easily. And you’ll probably replace them anyway. Bike is stupid light, and pretty stiff. Climbing and sprinting on this bike is beyond fun. Ran brakes for a day but the levers slipped on the handle bars. Also, I regret not buying the pedals and straps from SBC directly( that’s on me obviously). Even with the clicky drivetrain, all in all, well worth the money. It’s genuinely fun to ride, and for the tall people, it doesn’t look weird as a tall bike. And it’s terrifyingly fast.
TLDR; Buy the bike and you’ll get over any issues you have with it instantly.

Sick Bike

My first time with drop bars and downtube shifter. Was an easy transition, felt pretty comfortable with it after my first day of riding. I didn't know what to expect with downtube shifting, but I love it, so smooth. This bike looks awesome and is a nice ride, I use it for commuting and for leisure. Super stoked!

Cuuuuute and fits great

I love this cap! It's super lightweight and just tight enough that it doesn't fly off. It's definitely on the smaller side, as other reviewers have mentioned, so that's definitely something to keep in mind. Other cycling hats I've tried tended to be too large for me so this one was perfect.

Black Label 55cm

Awesome bike. Simple build. Packaged nicely. Fast bike. Good quality except for the water bottle cage I ordered was damaged. State quickly sent me another one free of charge. Awesome customer service. Last but minor pet peeve: the freewheel I ordered with the build is garbage, uneven freespin and sloppy cage interference. Other than that, super satisfied.

4130 - Nightshade – (Fixed Gear / Single-Speed)
46 does not fit for someone 5'1 with 27 inseam (height based fit guide is problematic)

Bought the bike based on raving reviews. However, I am 5'1 (27 inseam) and i can BARELY reach the ground stand over the top tube on tip toed (nowhere near the 2-3 inch clearance suggested by the merchant). It is very disappointing that I followed the guide, match all the criteria, even emailed a rep to confirm before purchasing, spent $70 on assembly, $20 bucks taxi to the bike shop, and now have to an additional $60 to disassemble & ship this thing back. For a company of this caliber, I would have think there would be more accountability on the part of the merchant to at least offer free return shipping. Rep was super nice (hence the 2 star)...unfortunately the company policy was not as helpful as I had hoped. Overall poor experience.

your dreams will come true

I just got this bike and have been whippin' around the streets of Grand Rapids, MI and I gotta tell ya, she handles like a dream. It's super light and fast, agile and responsive, and very sexy. Ever since buying this bike, I have gotten 12 girlfriends each week, made LOTS more money, and the instant I ride by a homeless person in the city, they become not homeless. I'm pretty sure all of this ties back to the bike, It changed my life, it could change yours too. Love State, love the bike, the price and service have been amazing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go save more homeless people and cure all diseases known to man -all with my bike.