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Donut Socks!

Fit perfectly. Took them out for an easy 90 minute ride, and was really happy with them.

Everything I wanted was out of stock.

Shipping was fast

Great bike for commuting

We bought two bikes from State and we love them. They look great and are simple to use, they have everything you need. The only reason they are 5 Star is because both bikes have had flats in the 2 weeks we have had them. We live in a state with pretty bad roads so they will be bad on the tires no matter what but they were flat faster than expected.

Sad to see the 4130 disappearing

Tubes aren't the best but the frame geometry is perfect for my short girlfriend, whom has already put 10 miles on it with no complaints.

Core Line Pigeon

Loving this bike so far. Super simple set up that results in a high quality bike that gets the job done

Really amazing parts

Everything fit great and worked well

Doodle cap

Cool design but cap fits very small compared to the other caps I’ve ordered from State.

Well built good-looking

Approaching 200 miles on the Pigeon - stoked on everything about it so far!

Well built & good-looking

Approaching 200 miles on the Pigeon - stoked on everything about it so far!

Breathable and comfortable

I usually wear cotton 5-panel hats, but this is a great alternative for when I bike through out the city

Fantastic bike

I've owned far more expensive single speed bikes that aren't as good as this one. And it looks fantastic. People keep asking me about it.

Great product, State Bicycle Co.

Can’t be beat

I don’t think it’s possible to get a nicer bike for the price. Really fun to ride. Looks great. Awesome to have it in the fleet

Good Purchase

I like the bike. It rides nice and looks nice.
Ran into minor assembly hiccups, other than that its all good.

Perfect Pedals

I purchased these pedals for my Dad. He was complaining of foot slippage on his MTB. I ride a single gear fixed with a similar pedal and purchased the pedals for him. He raved about them once he put them on his bike.

Even Better

I've been a proud State rider for some years now and the Black Label was the last bike I owned. An accident caused me to lose her but I was more then happy to buy another one without hesitation. This version II is even more sexy then the first and is amazingly comfortable and responsive. The color is gorgeous and being a NYC Bike Messenger I couldn't turn down 'Pigeon' Grey. Thank you for such a beautiful beast.

Great product

Great product, the screen print quality is phenomenal and the colors of it are very bright and bold. i've received many compliments on the design.


Rides beautifully, looks great to boot. One of the best customer services I've experienced as well.

Fun ride!

An absolute superb bike! Very happy with my purchase!
I used to own a 'Charge Plug 0' and the State is, without a doubt, a better ride!
If you were looking for a great, under $500, single speed - your search has ended! ENJOY!

A real head-turner

I've had this bike a little over a week now. Contrary to many other user reviews, the bike came very securely packed, with no damage to any of the parts. Assembly was extremely straightforward and took no time at all. Before discussing its merits as a bike, I must first say how nice a bike this is to look at - its simple design GLEAMS in the sunshine and pretty much everyone of my friends that has seen me on it has commented on how nice it looks.
I'm 6'4 and ordered the 62 frame which fits perfectly for me. The saddle isn't the greatest but the ride overall is extremely comfortable and smooth.
The only caveat I'd mention is that if you are living in area with a few hills, the gearing may be a bit heavy for you, but this is an easy and cheap fix.
Overall this is a great bike, with high quality components and a beautiful finish.


Customer service was great! All my questions were answered very fast and the bike is perfect. I’m extremely happy with my business with State bike co!

My son loves this bike!

Could not be happier.

Do it for State

This is my second State Bike Co purchase. Love the bike and the green/tan color scheme. It's starting to get annoying telling people where I got this from.


Excellent dropbar. Light, good shape and the material looks very resistant. Great job, SB!

Very good experience

High quality products

In love

State bicycle did avove and beyond. My beorn wss on bsckorder so they discounted me and it arrived perfectly !