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This is a great bike.

I probably have low standards. This is the first time I've purchased a new bike that wasn't a Wal-mart or Academy special, and my last bike was a hand-me-down from my brother-in-law who is shorter than me. I had the seat on that thing set as high as it would go and my knees were still half bent at the end of each down stroke. Anyways, I probably have low standards.

When that other bike was stolen off my back porch (no thanks to my dog Sydney, the friendliest guard dog ever), I decided to actually give some thought to the kind of bike I wanted. I didn't want anything too expensive. I didn't want anything too complicated. And I didn't want something I would regret riding to work everyday.

This bike does all of that and more. It's a joy to ride. I feel good riding it, and for someone who hasn't done much riding, that's about the best thing I can ask for.

I guess my main complaint is that because I'm fat, anytime I'm riding against the wind I feel like the world is trying to kill me. But that's not really a complaint about the bike. So there you go.

Good bike, Great service

My wife wanted a simple straight forward bike to ride on the local bike paths. The Core-Line filled the bill. It looks great, and we didn't have to pay for a lot of add-ons she didn't want or need. I contacted State a couple of times during the process and received a quick, friendly, and accurate response every time. No, it isn't built for road racing or shredding the local single track. It's just what it is supposed to be: a good, solid, fun ride.

Wulf Fixie

Love the bike! For the price, it's unbeatable. Like the reversible hub, so I can freewheel when I want to. Only issue was bottle cage bolts were stuck, very difficult to get out. Small issue, the bike is great!


fits small too

My first bike as an adult

Absolutely love my new bike! The color is fresh to death , and I can tell the parts are made from good quality material. It is relatively light weight and rides beautifully. I would just echo that the handle bar grips are a little difficult to place on, hairspray works wonders though!

6061 black label

This frame is very awesome, it has very good design and many color to choose from. I recommend this frame if you want to look trending and cool at the same time.

Good wheel

Easy to flip flop. Melissa Goodman was very helpful on their support team.

Solid construction. Needs instructions!

I was able to use the instructions from the other straps available on the site but that’s the only gripe I have with the straps. They are solidly constructed and I am happy with how they look on my bike as well.

Bernard – 4130 Core-Line

It’s off the chain

Literally. Haven’t gotten on the bike yet. But I’m excited. Looks very good.

Beautiful bike frame

Frame cane I damaged and ready to be built.

Absolutely love it

I’ve had a handful of used/hand me down bike in my day. Finally purchased my own as a intermediate cyclist and I’m very happy with my purchase. Quick and straightforward setup, parts all look and feel high quality. I am confident in my ride.

Nice Bike

Put my Warhawk together last night and took it for a short spin around the block. Nice bike, seems to be spec'd with good solid parts. I like that there is enough steerer tube to experiment with bike fit. My wife was impressed with the look of it and she's not a bike person. Only thing I would like changed from the factory is to maybe include a second smaller cog in the 16 or 17 tooth range for those who want it geared closer to road speeds. Not a big deal for me, I have spares around the workbench, but if a first time singlespeed rider jumped on it they may be surprised at how spinny the stock gear is on the flats.

Bike parts

Great handle bars and some new grips. I’m trying out a flat bar on my 4130. Fast service and no issues with packing or shipping. What else can I say?

Damn good lookin’ bib

Super sleek, super comfy, stays in place

Very impressed with performance.

The bike is great quality and I have no complaints as far as that goes, but I will say the only reason I didn’t give a 5 star rating is because you provide little to no actually instruction as far as the bike goes.
Im no beginner nor am I a professional but lucky for me one of my best friends is a bike mechanic.
With little to no instruction besides basically “go to someone else to build your bike” you guys also provide no sort of content what so as working on the bikes or info on them.
Besides that can’t complain about the bike tho, can’t provide basic instructions so maybe new comers can feel comfortable to learn but you better get that review!!


Thought it would be a basic sport bottle, but I really like the minor difference from the plastic feel and ca’. Good bottle. Does the job well. Design is a plus.

Looks cool but......

Its super small......not even sure if it will stay in a bottle cage without falling out. I purchased it to use with a photoshoot with my state x simpsons frame but the bottle was so small and awkward looking in the bottle cage I didn't end up using it. Note to self state frames are really nice.....but the quality seems to end there. I also purchased a cycling cap......with a FOAM brim? Who wants a foam brimmed cycling cap? Also socks....... CHEAP POLYESTER! again they LOOK GREAT but the quality isn't there.

Wulf coreline

Awesome bike, wanted something to get me around and to the metro. Does that with ease, very high quality construction.

Long Sleeve State Tee

Super Comfy tee! I’ve washed it multiple times and 0 shrinkage. The sleeve length is a little longer then my older state long sleeve tee’s, however it still fits me great. If you have longer arms you won’t have to worry about the sleeves being too short.

too snall

I like the loom but the size is hat is much smaller than others I've gotten.

Standard Pedals with "Gorilla" Grip

"Gorilla" grip when the soles of the rider's footwear lean into these beauts. Much tougher than plastic pedals.
Heed caution with those shins!

Well Made Bicycle

I ordered the Wulf Core-Line and it was delivered promptly and in good condition. I had a local bike shop assemble the bike to activate the lifetime warranty.
I've ridden the bike around 20 miles so far and it handles very well. It isn't very heave at around 20+lbs either. The reversible rear wheel cog is a nice feature but I keep it in single speed to allow me to coast. Overall it appears to be a quality made bicycle with good components for the price point. Minor upgrades would be the pedals and crankshaft.