Group of riders pedaling into the afternoon sun


Our mission is to inspire and foster an enthusiasm for life lived on bikes. From engineering performance to style and everything we do to for the cycling community and its culture, we never lose site of why we ride – for fun. Consistently delivering that sense of fun while providing true value to our customers has kept us going and growing since 2009.

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Rider riding a single speed bicycle


Rider riding a geared bicycle

State has introduced city bicycles, performance focused fixed-gear bicycles, aluminum track style bicycles and, most recently, our geared bikes (including offroad options). Add to that a countless array of parts, accessories, components and apparel, and you end up with something hard to come by today: totally affordable, high-quality cycling goods that real cyclists can get behind. Simply put, we will never put out a product that we wouldn’t or don’t use ourselves.

cycle colorways

Each model we release is limited edition. We produce designer colorways not seen anywhere else. Each bike model in a limited quantity and then retire them for good once the last bike leaves our warehouse. Trust us: once they're gone, they're gone.


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Two riders riding in a pine forest

Fixed gear will always be in our blood. But these days, we’re crafting a variety of bikes to suit different riding styles, levels and landscapes. Pavement to off-road, city, trail, course or mountain: Every State Bicycle is built to take you as far and wide as you may roam.

Three riders riding with a mountain in the background
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A State Bicycle is more than the sum of its curated parts. It’s how you explore your state. The quality of your ride drives every detail of the bicycles, gear and clothing we create. We make bikes because we were riders first.