Our chillest line. Pedal, coast, and cruise with our collection of "Chill Bikes". Meant to help riders rediscover the simplicity and joy of riding from their childhoods. The perfect fusion of style and vibes, featuring our City Bikes and Klunkers. Both lines share commonalities that make them irresistible. With clean aesthetics, steel frames, and affordability under $500, these bikes offer hassle-free fun and transport. The Klunker embodies retro inspiration, combining beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX elements. It's the ultimate "DGAF" bike for leisurely cruises, quick errands, or even daring trail adventures. Meanwhile, our City Bikes pay homage to the timeless "Dutch Style" bicycles with a modern twist. Melding old-world sophistication and maximum utility, they provide unrivaled comfort and relaxed geometry to accommodate any rider, whether you're commuting, exploring, or enjoying the weekend. Embrace the exhilarating experience of riding again with the City Bikes and Klunkers Collection from State Bicycle Co.
Klunker - Black & Metallic (27.5")product Klunker - Black & Metallic (27.5")-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
current price, $420.69
City Bike - Bubble-Gum (Single-Speed)product City Bike - Bubble-Gum (Single-Speed)-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
current price, $389.99
City Bike - Bubble-Gum (3 Speed)product City Bike - Bubble-Gum (3 Speed)-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
current price, $499.99
City Bike - The Black & Tan (3 Speed)product City Bike - The Black & Tan (3 Speed)-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
Sold Out - $499.99