Warranty Policy & Assembly Information


State Bicycle Co. offers a five-year warranty against manufacturer's defects on all bicycle frames and forks.

  • Warranty is only valid for original purchase and is non-transferable.
  • Manufacturer defects do not include damage resulting from improper use or lack of maintenance.
  • Five-year warranty excludes Essor USA brand carbon fiber forks (which carry a two-year warranty against manufacturer's defects).
  • RAW FINISH Steel Frames are not covered for rust under our warranty. More details: Raw Frame Info, FAQs & Maintenance Guide


State Bicycle Co. offers a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects on all non-consumable parts/accessories:

  • Pedals
  • Crank set
  • Wheels, hubs, spokes
  • Stems
  • Carbon fiber fork
  • Seat posts
  • Handlebars

Wear and tear on the following parts/accessories are not covered under any type of warranty:

  • Tires
  • Bar tape
  • Saddle
  • Chains
  • Tubes
  • Grips
  • Paint
  • Brake Pads

Warranty Period is 5 years from activation and covers the initial purchase. Should replacement items be needed during the warranty period, those items would be under warranty for the duration of the initial warranty period (but not an additional 5/1 years).

Electronic Bikes

eBike specific parts carry a 18-month warranty for motor, electronics, and battery. For other parts refer to the above information.


YOUR WARRANTY WILL ONLY BE ACTIVATED AFTER WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR PROOF OF PROFESSIONAL ASSEMBLY. Doing so ensures the safest and most optimized riding experience possible with your new bike. We must receive your warranty card and proof of a professional build within 30 days of you receiving your bike. Trust us when we say that activating your warranty will give you serious peace of mind in knowing your bike is safe, tuned up and built to your unique comfort level.

Please note: State Bicycle Co. will only have your bike serial number on file if you register it with us. Your serial number is engraved on the under-side of the bottom bracket shell on each frame.

Three Easy Steps to Activation:

1. Arrange for your bike to be professionally assembled. More often than not, your local bike builder or bike shop is happy to perform this for a reasonable fee. Check out our Bike Shop Locator to find a friendly shop near you.

2. Upon completion of assembly, ask the builder to provide proof of a professional build. This can be in the form of a receipt.

3. Click the 'Register Your Bike' link below to submit your warranty registration information.


State Bicycle Co. is not responsible for charges incurred during professional assembly. 


Submit your Warranty Claim online here

Valid for either five years (bike frame) or one year (non-consumable parts) from date of purchase. State Bicycle Co. reserves the right to request photographs of the damage and may only replace the damaged parts rather than the complete bicycle. State Bicycle Co. also reserves the right to issue a store credit at any time for warranty claims we are unable to satisfy based on current production or for any other reason. Additionally, State Bicycle Co. is not responsible for any labor charges or fees related to warranty claims.



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