city bikes

Melding modern utility and old-world sophistication. The City Bike line harkens back to the timeless "Dutch Style" bicycles that flood the streets of urban Europe. Everything that makes those road bikes so cherished, from their elegant style to maximum utility to unrivaled comfort has been preserved and then given the unmistakable State Bicycle Co. treatment. What that means for you is a relaxed geometry and gearing to accommodate any level or type of rider. Whether cruising around campus, commuting to work, or conquering the weekend: the beauty of a City Bike is in the A to B. 

City Bike - The Black & Tan (3 Speed)product City Bike - The Black & Tan (3 Speed)-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
Sold Out - $499.99
City Bike - Bubble-Gum (Single-Speed)product City Bike - Bubble-Gum (Single-Speed)-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
current price, $389.99
City Bike - Bubble-Gum (3 Speed)product City Bike - Bubble-Gum (3 Speed)-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
current price, $499.99