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Bike Storage

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Cramped for space? With our wood bike shelf, you can display your new State Bicycle bike out in the open while conserving precious space. Our bike shelves also have a place for storage of bike helmets, gloves or whatever you need for your ride.

Geared Bikes

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For those who've gotta go geared, we totally understand. That is precisely why we have converted some of our most rugged and popular bicycle models into geared creations. We trust and use the finest SRAM components to elevate State Bicycles to the next level. Pairing quality together to bring you the ultimate cycling experience. 

Fat Bikes

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Like the great outdoors, Fat Bikes are all about simple pleasures.  Single Speed Fat Bikes take that simplicity even further while dialing up the pleasure.  Hop on any one of our terrain-pounding, Off Road Fat Bike models and feel the difference between pushing and gliding.  Snow, mud, rock, gravel, pavement, desert sand:  Wherever you may roam, have a blast doing it. 

Retro Reissue Series

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This exclusive line of retro-styled bikes take their colorways from our most beloved core-line models that have since been retired and long out of production. The geometry, build and aesthetic take a healthy cue from the time-honored classic era of American track bicycles. Count on the same unmistakable devotion to craftsmanship and quality parts; down to the bolts. Not to mention, these bikes are a good three pounds lighter than our core-line models. To sweeten the deal even further, each bicycle features an individually numbered series emblem. As always, only available in limited quantities. Lament no more.  

City Bikes

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Melding modern utility and old-world sophistication. The City Bike line harkens back to the timeless "Dutch Style" bicycles that flood the streets of urban Europe. Everything that makes those road bikes so cherished, from their elegant style to maximum utility to unrivaled comfort has been preserved and then given the unmistakable State Bicycle Co. treatment. What that means for you is a relaxed geometry and gearing to accommodate any level or type of rider. Whether cruising around campus, commuting to work, or conquering the weekend: the beauty of a City Bike is in the A to B. 

Shoes & Socks

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Don't settle for unsightly or uncomfortable cycling shoes. We only carry the highest grade cycling shoes that we use ourselves.  

Essor USA | Performance Gear

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Essor USA wheels and cycling parts are built from some of the highest-grade carbon on earth. It’s stiff, super-light, and carefully crafted. Most importantly, it’s dependable. When you put the pedals down on an Essor USA wheelset, you’re going to get a positive response. Every time. When you bolt in Essor USA bottle cages, the bottle stays there. Next generation performance starts here.   


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Whether you're looking to customize your bike or just need replacement bike parts & accessories, State Bicycle has what you need with our wide selection of bike chains, cranks/cranksets, chain rings, cogs, and more.You can be sure our bike parts are of the highest quality while making your bike look exactly the way you envision.

Pedals & Straps

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Customize your bike with bike pedals and straps that enhance your riding style. State Bicycle Co. carries the most trusted name in bike pedals, straps, cycling shoes and much more.

Bike Locks

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Protect your investment with nothing but the toughest and highest rated bike locks. Whether it's a U-Lock or Chain Lock you're looking for, State has you covered. We only carry bike locks we have tested ourselves and use day-in and day-out. Some of the locks even feature a $500 anti-theft protection offer, multiple keys, lighted keys and more.

Saddles & Seatposts

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If you're looking to customize your bike, you've come to the right place. State Bicycle Co. offers bike seats/saddles and seatposts in a variety of styles, sizes and colors; browse our premium saddles, leather bike seats, seatposts, clamps, and more.

Premium Models

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The Contender. 6061 Black Label Series. The Undefeated.  These have become household names in the world of competitive fixed gear bikes and they all belong to the Premium Division at State. Look no further if you seek some of the most elite and race-ready fixed gear bikes and single speed bikes around. When we craft a Premium bicycle, our focus is exactly the same as yours: to maximize speed and perfect the geometry of handling. Strong, light, and reliable: the Premium Division bicycles hosts the machines of choice for the State Bicycle Co. riding team and extreme riders around the globe.   

Black Label

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Our Black Label Series Bikes have been called "snappy", "responsive" and "smooth" more times than we can count. We'll take the compliments all day. The 6061 Black Label Series (named for the bike's ultra lightweight aluminum frame) was built to be a dominating street bike and expertly cut through any obstacle that stands in its way. Choose from a ton of color options including the popular "Galaxy" special edition model.    

Special Editions & Collaborations

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Where our wildest ideas come to lifeAnything goes is the motto of these ultra limited-run bicycle concepts. They tend to get scooped up quick and it makes sense why: past editions have been co-designed with everybody from iconic streetwear brands to craft breweries to a certain Staten Island hip-hop clan you may have heard of. Keep on the lookout for our next custom bike creation; currently in development.

Gift Cards

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Give the gift of State Bicycle Co.Select from two gift card delivery options: Digital or Physical. Digital Delivery allows you to send a gift card via e-mail and will be instantly redeemable upon purchase (great for last-minute gifting). Physical Delivery is your traditional gift card which will be mailed to a specified address.

Miscellaneous Bike Parts

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Along with our signature cycling clothing & gear, we've also got the parts you need to take your ride to the next level. Our miscellaneous parts are just that - all those little bells and whistles you need to get your bike ride optimized. We've got bike brakes, tensioners, spacers, and more to get you going.

Bike Water Bottles & Cages

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State Bicycle has all you need to stay hydrated throughout your ride. Browse our waterbottles and waterbottle cages including our limited edition Rider Signature Series water bottles that are designed by our very own Riding Team.

Rider Signature Series

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Each month, we will unveil a signature cycling jersey & bottle designed closely and inspired by a State Bicycle Co. sponsored team rider. This exclusive line of apparel & gear promises to be our most limited production yet. Enroll in our Monthly Subscription Series to receive each month's signature jersey & bottle.     

T-Shirts & Tank Tops

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To keep you looking good on and off of your bike, State Bicycle Co. produces an evolving line of quality t-shirts & tanks for men and women.  

Clothing & Riding Gear: Top Picks

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Whether you're looking for comfortable and casual apparel, durable cycling bibs or our inimitable signature jerseys, you can be sure that State Bicycle Co. sources only high-quality materials that feel great on your skin and enhance your ride. Browse around and you'll discover an ever-growing selection of seasonal State Bicycle Co. apparel as well as professional-grade cycling clothing such as jersey and bib sets, gloves, caps, shoes, and much more.      

Fixed Gear / Single Speed

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The very foundation we were built on. The State Bicycle Co. core-line of fixies and single speed bikes are proudly crafted with Steel and tastefully designed in a singular-color way. We produce each bike model in a limited quantity and then retire them for good once the last bike leaves our warehouse. Trust us: once they're gone, they're gone.  


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Ask anybody who owns one: a State Bicycle is like no other bike on the road. From top to bottom, customize your fixed gear, single speed, premium fixie, dutch-style city bike, fat bike or off road bike in our web store or give us a call and we'll figure it out together. We produce most bike models in a limited-run quantity and then retire them for good after it has sold out; just another way we ensure your bike is one of a kind. 

Core-Line Bikes

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The very foundation we were built on. The State Bicycle Co. core-line of fixies and single speed bikes are proudly crafted with Steel and tastefully designed in a singular-color way. We produce each bike model in a limited quantity and then retire them for good once the last bike leaves our warehouse. Trust us: once they're gone, they're gone.     

Frames & Forks

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Whether you're looking to take your ride to the next level or just need replacement bike parts & accessories, State Bicycle has got you covered with our wide selection of single speed/fixed gear bike frames & fixie bike forks. We carry all kinds of bicycle frames, forks & fork sets for your fixie bikes, FGFS bikes, off road bikes, fat bikes and city bikes.    

Gravel / CycloCross Bikes

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Deftly soar through treacherous CX (cyclocross) courses or fearlessly grind new and nasty gravel terrain on the weekends.  Either way, muddy glory is yours for the taking with our meticulously crafted line of Single Speed Gravel / Cyclocross bikes.  Available in Standard or Deluxe models and as a complete bike or as a frameset, these race-ready machines boast all the versatility and power any serious cross-junkie or multipurpose rider should come to expect.

Off Road Bikes: Gravel / Cyclocross Bikes, Fat Bikes & Mountain Bikes

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You’ve perfected your routes, threaded gridlocked road and conquered your streets.  You’ve explored your city.  Now, you’re ready to Explore Your State.  Say hello to the newest and most tenacious members of the State Bicycle Co. family: The Off-Road Division. This premiere line of resilient Mountain Bikes, strapping Gravel / CX Bicycles, and brawny Fat Bikes were consciously built to take you as far and wide as your spirit of adventure can go.  We believe that riding offroad bikes should be as affordable as it is fun.  As with every State Bicycle Co. creation, you can expect nothing less than sincere craftsmanship and high-integrity components through and through. 

Bike Baskets Racks Fenders

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Personalize your bike with State Bicycle's bike baskets, racks, and fenders. Our rain fenders protect your clothes from splashback from wet tires and our bike baskets and racks are perfect for any cruiser.

Riding Gear

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We pride ourselves in crafting cycling clothing and gear that is designed to enhance the quality of your ride. We also like to think we have a good eye for style which is why we design riding gear that one usually doesn't find in many cycling circles. Our cycling jerseys, bibs, jackets, caps and roadwear are all designed in-house and reflect our "anything-goes" approach to cycling culture.      

Bike Essentials & Bundles : Bike & Cycling Accessories

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Whether you are a beginner cyclist, need to stock up on the essentials, or want to give the gift of the most trusted names in bike gear and accessories, State Bicycle Co. has got you covered. We carry virtually everything you'll need to stay safe and secure while you're pedaling away. Our staff of veteran cyclists have hand-picked a selection of quality & affordable bike gear and accessories; from bike locks, helmets, lights, bottle cages and more. See you on the road!

Bike Accessories: Top Picks

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There are those bike accessories that no cyclist can go without. Then there are those upgrades, gadgets, and gear that enhance a ride. Our line of accessories accommodates both the meat & potatoes riders as well as those always on the hunt for the latest & greatest toys. Browse some of our top picks for bike accessories including lights, locks, tire maintenance kits, helmets, water bottle cages, and more.

Bike Handlebars & Stems

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Choose from an ever-revolving selection of bike handlebars & stems in a variety of styles, sizes and colors; see our bullhorn handlebars, drop handlebars, riser bars, pista bars and more for your fixed-gear bike, off-road bike or any bike. 

Bar Tape & Grips

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To a cyclist, there are few things more handy than bar tape and grips. We only produce and carry top quality quality bike grips, track grips and bar tape. You won't be replacing handlebar tape and grips for a nice, long while.

Bike Parts: Top Picks

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Whether you're looking for a simple replacement or a serious upgrade to your ride, we carry a wide selection of quality bike parts. We keep it simple around here by only carrying trusted and tested bike parts that we use ourselves. From drivetrain components to pedals, tires to seats, wheels to handlebars; we've got all your performance parts curated and ready for your ride.  


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Whether you're looking to customize your bike or just need replacement bike parts & accessories, State Bicycle has got you covered with our wide selection of high quality fixie bike wheels & wheelsets. We offer colored wheel sets for fixed gear/single speed bikes in red, orange, neon, pink & more, so take your pick or just pick up an extra spare tube for a rainy day.     

Jerseys & Bibs

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The perfect cycling jersey and bibs. That's what we're all after. Thankfully, as cyclists, our insistence on crafting high-quality, durable and visually striking cycling jerseys and bibs has allowed us to outfit our very own Riding Team as well as professional riders throughout the globe. Browse our latest jersey, bib, and cycling kits and experience the pro-look and feel for yourself.