Introducing the Undefeated Road Collection, the epitome of competitive cycling excellence. With two standout models, the Undefeated Disc Road and the Undefeated Carbon Disc Road, State Bicycle Co. presents top-level race bikes that don't compromise on affordability or aesthetics. The Undefeated Disc Road combines a Y9 alloy frame, Essor USA carbon fork & steer tube, and high-end components for a race-ready experience that matches your power output. Meanwhile, the Undefeated Carbon Disc Road sets new standards with its cutting-edge carbon fiber construction, advanced aerodynamics, and exceptional stiffness for maximum performance. Experience the pinnacle of competitive cycling with the affordable and stylish Undefeated Road Collection.
Undefeated Disc Road - Graphite / Prismproduct Undefeated Disc Road - Graphite / Prism-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
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Undefeated Disc Road - Pearl / Tie-Dyeproduct Undefeated Disc Road - Pearl / Tie-Dye-State Bicycle Co.-outdoor
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