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State Bicycle Co - Customer Reviews

Here's what customers are saying about State Bicycle Co.



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Hey bike is good but didn’t have a chance to register warranty due to lack of bike repair Personnel availability re: covid. Had to build it myself. Hope y’all are safe over there in Arizona. Don’t forget to not vote for Donald Trump in 2020 because he’s a child.

Undefeated II - Photon Blue Edition

I unpackaged this bike and instantly understood what King Arthur felt when he unsheathed Excalibur from the stone. When I saddled up this beast power rushed through my body from my handlebar mustache to my cuffed jeans. I signed a deal with devil and threw away the brakes that came in the box. When I did so a sleeve tattoo appeared on my arm, I think I leveled up to a new type of hipster.

Super fun bike but missing bottle bosses?!

Got this bike for my girlfriend and she loves it so far. However, I noticed that the frame is missing bottle cage bosses on the seat tube...I suppose it's not a huge deal but...what the hell State?

Wulf - Core-Line
Solid entry level fixed

If you’re looking at this bike, chances are you know what you want: an entry level fixed gear bicycle that will work. Out of the box, this bike will perform just fine for the casual city cruiser or the eager weekend warrior. The (mostly) no-name components seem plenty capable of regular use for years to come. The wheels are a bit hefty (cartridge bearings are a nice touch) and will probably require regular truing, the drivetrain is smooth and quiet enough, the saddle will work, the frame is just as flexy, yet smooth as you’d expect from this steel, and the thing just looks damn good. I have chosen to replace/upgrade some of the components, not out of necessity, but simply because I enjoy wrenching on and nerding out on my bikes. I weighed many options in this price range and I’m glad I landed on this particular cycle. Be it a commuter, a project bike, or just an entry into the world of fixies, I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Pull the trigger. Get this neat, affordable bike. Be happy.

It's a bike

I ordered a bike. It arrived. I ride it. Get one or don't, nobody cares.

Pigeon - Core-Line
The bike that started it all

I bought this bike because I wanted something solid and reliable for a decent price. What I go was way more than I could have imagined! I have owned this bike for a year now and have over 3,400 miles on it. From commuting, to workout rides, to doing my first century. If you are looking at getting into single speed/fixed riding or just want a solid set up to get you back and forth, this monster will do it with a smile on its face for a price that fits with ANY BUDGET! I can't say enough about how much I love this thing. You will not be sorry, the only regret you will have is that you didn't buy two. ***I have updated the front fork, wheels, and cranks over the past year, but don't let that be a deterrent. Those upgrades were WANTS, not NEEDS***

Pigeon - Core-Line
This is a great bike.

I probably have low standards. This is the first time I've purchased a new bike that wasn't a Wal-mart or Academy special, and my last bike was a hand-me-down from my brother-in-law who is shorter than me. I had the seat on that thing set as high as it would go and my knees were still half bent at the end of each down stroke. Anyways, I probably have low standards.

When that other bike was stolen off my back porch (no thanks to my dog Sydney, the friendliest guard dog ever), I decided to actually give some thought to the kind of bike I wanted. I didn't want anything too expensive. I didn't want anything too complicated. And I didn't want something I would regret riding to work everyday.

This bike does all of that and more. It's a joy to ride. I feel good riding it, and for someone who hasn't done much riding, that's about the best thing I can ask for.

I guess my main complaint is that because I'm fat, anytime I'm riding against the wind I feel like the world is trying to kill me. But that's not really a complaint about the bike. So there you go.

your dreams will come true

I just got this bike and have been whippin' around the streets of Grand Rapids, MI and I gotta tell ya, she handles like a dream. It's super light and fast, agile and responsive, and very sexy. Ever since buying this bike, I have gotten 12 girlfriends each week, made LOTS more money, and the instant I ride by a homeless person in the city, they become not homeless. I'm pretty sure all of this ties back to the bike, It changed my life, it could change yours too. Love State, love the bike, the price and service have been amazing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go save more homeless people and cure all diseases known to man -all with my bike.

Saved my relationship

Purchased two bikes during quarantine. Being stuck in a tiny Los Angeles studio apartment for hours upon end can take its toll on a relationship. Especially during a lock down. Now me and my significant other ride an average of 20 miles daily, in opposite directions. Riding these bikes gives us our much needed time apart and gives us a little break from each other. Sometimes I even say I get “lost” just to get that extra alone time. Shipping was fast and assembly was simple with some basic tools.

Despite a first ride set back, all is good!

Ok, I don't know much about bikes, this was my first bike purchase that doesn't have a motor in it in over 10 years. My good friend buys bike from State and he sent me the link and said "buy this bike right now" I did. And....the bike is awesome. That said, upon arrival I took the bike to the local bike shop and paid to get it built and get tubeless tires. My first "official" ride, aka ride that wasn't from the bike shop back to my apt, I was bombing down pch trying to keep up with my friend when out of nowhere my left crank shaft came flying off. Definitely didn't see that coming! My friend had enough tools to "MacGyver" the crank shaft back on however it came flying off again as I got close to home. I did the walk of shame with the bike to said bike shop and they fixed the crank shaft and did a full once over on the bike and since then no issues. So....other than completely losing a crank shaft on my first ride this bike has been awesome and I look forward to more adventures with it.

My 2nd one, LOVE IT

After my wife saw and rode my core line Perplexing Purple she had to have one as well. Thanks for making a top of the line product and keeping it in budget 👍❤🚲.

Pigeon - Core-Line
Good bike odd policies

I like the bike but if I don't pay extra for assembly I don't get a warranty?

Great bike, questionable rubber

Out of the box the Black Label v2 is a beautiful looking bike. Clean paint job, low-key branding and unified design. Very impressed. The build was easy too. Everything needed was in the box and it was all carefully and thoughtfully packaged for shipping.

As other reviewers have noted, the stock tires are garbage, narrow and cheap. The tan sidewalls look great, but not even racers are riding 700x23c tires anymore. They really detract from the overall impression and are an immediate, necessary upgrade as nothing about them feels useful. Lots of other things can be upgraded when ordering, the tires should be an option too. Or just make a reasonably sized tire standard. Additionally, and this is a small quibble because most people will probably ride this bike without brakes, but if you're going to make brakes available, include cable guides on the frame. Having to tape or zip tie the rear cable to the frame ruins the aesthetic and again, detracts from the overall, finished impression.

Finally, the front wheel needed truing and tensioning. It had all types of hops in it and the spokes were incredibly loose. Not a problem if you're having a shop build it but because it's an online order, lots of people might choose to assemble the bike themselves and getting the wheels tensioned and true is a big ask.

First few ride impressions are positive once I put some decent tires on the wheels. The bike is comfortable, confident and nimble. Really enjoying it and happy with my purchase. Would definitely but again and recommend.

Love this frameset

Looks way better in person, has a well-balanced geometry. The 55cm fits me like a glove even though the sizing chart says I should be the next size up (im 5’ 11) so that is something to consider.

Great bike at a great price

I’ve ridden this bike about 75 miles now and I am very happy with it. I am mainly a mountain biker, so I picked this up to ride roads and light singletrack. I opted for both wheel sizes and I am happy I did. It is absolutely worth it.

The bike handles very well. It is stable at speed on the road, and it does great off-road as well. I have not had any issues with toe overlap in the slow speed stuff. The 650b wheels are very confidence inspiring in the dirt and sand washes. The 700c wheels do well on the road and on dirt paths.

The group set is better than I expected. It shifts smooth and the brakes work just fine. I have not yet dropped a chain and I’ve ridden some pretty rough trails (for this type of bike at least). The derailleur is still cheap though and moves a lot even with the “clutch” spring fully tightened. Nevertheless chain retention is great so I can’t complain. My other bikes have SRAM and shimano drivetrains. Those are certainly better, but this was a lot closer in performance than I expected.

I also need to talk about weight. It is heavy. I haven’t weighed it, but it is a beast of a bike. It feels comparable to my aluminum hardtail. Alas, I am not a weight weenie and you shouldn’t be either. It feels like it will survive the apocalypse though. I’m 6’3” and 190#. I’ve broken several frames and other parts in my day but I don’t think I could harm this frame in any way if I tried.

My only real gripe is the wheels. I can’t get them set up tubeless to save my life. I’ve set up numerous wheels in the past but this has eluded me. I am about to give up and run tubes because I can’t stop the leaking from the valve stem.

Overall this bike is great. For the price, you can’t beat it. Just stop being a pansy about the weight and a snob about the components and ride it.

Decent Bike for the Price

Got my 4130 and put her through the paces tonight. I’m a bicycle mechanic by trade so am pretty familiar with how these things work out of the box. A few things I’d like to address right off the bat...
1. The badge work leaves something to be desired as it’s not properly riveted on and pops off easily. MAJOR BUMMER!
2. There were a number of chips in the paint up by the head tube and around the seat clamp area. These things happen but it gives me a chance to scope the paint job, it’s pretty thin and I can tell it’ll be getting powder coated within the year most likely.
3. The seat tube down by the bottom bracket looks like it has a slight curvature to it. I’ll be checking for certain with a level tomorrow.

Aside from those few things the bike is really well put together and for the price is a great little pony to ride. She shifts smoothly, runs quiet and sprints up climbs like she was born for it. This is my second State Bicycle and I’d recommend them for entry level cyclists.

Overachiever All-Road

By now everyone knows these things sold out quick. I was fortunate to be in the market and was looking at another brand for an allroad/gravel solution when I stumbled across this beaut via a YT channel... It checked off everything for me, especially when it comes to thinking long-term and global (I have plans on riding this overseas): steel frame (comfy, compliant, and easily repairable), ALL the adventure nipples (bags and bottles oh my), mechanical disc brakes (shut up, they're easier to service and far easier to source parts in 3rd world locales), thru axles (!), Sens.. I mean STATE 1x11 drivetrain, and then the 650b and 700c wheelset option sealed the deal for me. I've since put about 560 miles on it and have had zero issues. Obviously swap out the pedals and the saddle, but otherwise she's ready to go right out the box.


The bike arrived with a damaged fork. When they sent a replacement, it was the wrong size. Ended up having to replace the entire bike because it was too large despite their sizing chart. Same thing happened with the bike we purchased for my husband. The fork came completely damaged. Customer service was helpful and they sent out replacements quickly.. just wish their quality control was better for bikes that cost over $400.

A fine way to practice real estate.

I bought this bike to launch my new business as a real estate agent who does home tours by bike here in Portland, Or and I wanted a bike other than my racer bikes and wanted something classy looking as I tour my clients around town and the Elliston was the perfect fit. I can load it up when needed or head out as is and it will always look good! As I grow "Your Home by Bike", I might get to the point of buying additional Elliston's for my out of town clients since they are super easy and comfortable to pedal around.

Poor customer service

when I ordered my fixie from state I was excited. I was also looking forward to the add-ons that I had selected such as a lock, flat tire bundle, and water bottle rack, none of which came with my package. When I contacted state to rectify this issue they said they would send me an email to follow up which never came. I left multiple messages detailing this problem and none of these have been responded to. The bike is great, but Im still waiting for them to give my the rest of my order.


I don’t know about anyone else, but shopping online is terrible. I much rather go in store. However our worldly circumstances are not the best so I was forced to purchase online. I waited a little over a month for the bike. Once I received my notifications that it was going to be shipped, I signed up for notifications. I did not get a single notifications and I Continuously Checked fedex for updates. A week later my sister said my bike was outside. No one rang the door bell and I didn’t get notified. I was lucky it was still standing out front. Once I opened the box and uncovered everything. I noticed a dent in the frame. Apparently this isn’t an issue. I don’t recall buying bikes with dents in them. Not only was there a dent but the Fork was bent in as well. I waited over a month for a broken bike. Not what I expected my first time buying a bike at this price and online. Hopefully the ride is better than the service and shipping.

So FAST it makes McDonald’s HEALTHY

Built for speed and made to last, Stiff in the corners and fast in the straights. I couldn’t see myself on a different bike for racing with the geometry spot on for the best feel of the road and a great fit. Awesome job on the construction of the tubing and just an overall great product with the added touch of Sram etap Axs, this bike will get you everywhere. This bike is an absolute ripper.

6061 Black Label All-Road - Copper Brown (650b / 700c)
So damn good make you'll wanna buy a 4130 All-Road too!

This bike is so fast and fun, I want to make it my full time road bike and do the dirt climb after the no drop group ride. I can ride it anywhere but it eats single track for breakfast. Ultimate gravel bike for a price unmatched. Seriously thinking of getting the 4130 all road and set it up as a mtb.

Solid bike, but have a spoke wrench handy.

My overall customer service experience was fabulous, my order was processed promptly, shipped quickly, and arrived well-packed and undamaged. The bike is generally solid, however be aware that the frame is not what's pictured on the website. It does not have a sloping top tube, but rather a traditional straight tube, and it does not have the mounted bottle opener (which is fine since that seemed silly anyway) - instead there are traditional water bottle mounts. You will definitely need to have experience truing wheels as the rear was severely out-of-round. The front was also out-of-true, but not as badly as the rear. The front also needed some bearing adjustment as they were very tight as shipped. You'll need some wheel maintenance experience, or invest in the cost of having your LBS thoroughly check them. Also, the supplied pedals are horrid with nearly frozen bearings (they are not serviceable). I upgraded to a pair of Shimano PD-M324 and they are a tremendous improvement. Finally, I found the supplied 100mm stem a bit short for the large size 58cm frame and swapped it out for a Cinelli 1A in 120mm length. This required a shim for the 26.4mm bar mount. This purely a personal fit preference and not a knock on the bike.

All-in-all a solid bike with a really nice matte finish that will require some expert assembly and perhaps an upgrade of a component or two.

State Bicycle Co. - Wooden City Bike Crate - Rear
EXCELLENT marketing - **** product

I will keep it short - I was on the hunt for a timeless bike crate and after spending time hunting bike shops and the internets I found this setup. Lets list all the **** you sent me: • Wood was banged to ****, I know its for a bike but I like to bang things to **** on my own terms. • Was expecting a built product for that much shipping cost and retail. NOPE might as well gone to IKEA • Screws were WAYYYYY too long - not sure how much you know about wood working but screws that long in a board that thin make thing splinter and crack. It is a really nice look when you mount it. • Why even include a childs screwdriver? You have to bore enough screws to build a dog house into this piece of **** • No mounting bolts for the frame - glad I have a buttload of zip ties but now my bike looks like it is being held together by its its last threads - super classy guys super classy. • **** this product, **** the time I wasted • Sandwiches and sodas fit great in the crate.