E-Bike Manual and Assembly Page

Click here for the 6061 - eBike Commuter  safety and instructions manual.

See the eBike assembly video:


  • How do I change the settings on my bike?

Check out the video below for all setting options and display guide including, MPH / KPH settings, brightness, USB Charging and more.


  • Can you remove the battery to charge it?

Yes that is possible, however battery removal and re-installation is a complicated process, so this is not recommended as a standard practice.

  • Do you sell extra battery and charger? 
Yes - spare parts are available for sale upon request. Please contact info@statebicycle.com to arrange.
    • How does it preform in Cold condition (above and below freezing)?
    eBikes can be operated below freezing, and even down to 0º degrees, but this is not ideal. Electronics are sensitive and even though they can operate down to this temperature it doesn’t mean they should. Below 32º electronics don’t operate at their optimum level and once you drop to 32º and lower, batteries begin to lose their charge even quicker, resulting in a drop-in mileage. If an eBike gets too cold you can kill the battery cells and then you’re without your battery until you get home and may even need to order a replacement.
      • Can I store it in the cold?

      For the storage of batteries at very cold or very hot temperatures, in other words temperature extremes should be avoided at all costs. The ideal temperature for the storage of the battery of your electrical bike is at a room temperature of approximately 50°F (10°C) to 68°F (20°C)

        • Are you able to ride them in the rain/snow?

        These bicycles are crafted of aluminum (frame and fork) so rust and erosion will not take place. However some of the other components on the bicycles are more susceptible to damage from the weather. It is possible to ride in snow and rain, however after riding we do advise riders bringing their bicycle inside. Along with routine cleaning to avoid any wear from the elements.

          • How do they preform in the heat, above 100 degrees?

          Don't Ride in Extreme Heat - To keep your battery healthy and preserve its range per charge, avoid riding your ebike when it's above 113 °F. Like a lot of electronics, including most cell phones, your battery will protect itself from overheating by shutting down when it's too hot

          • How long can I leave it on the charger?

          Don’t just leave your  eBike battery on the charger for long periods of time — think several days or more. When you do, you can create a situation wherein the battery will discharge leaving it at perhaps 95 percent of capacity. The charger then goes to work, topping off the battery. This cycle of minor discharges and topping off continues creating a series of poor charging cycles.

          • Why does it slow down when I slow down pedaling?

          There are five available levels of pedal assist or PAS. At each of these levels, the motor will provide a prescribed amount of power in response to a signal from the cadence sensor.

          As the rider’s pedaling speed (cadence) increases the PAS will reduce the motor’s output. To put it another way, the motor produces a set amount of power when the pedal revolutions are relatively slow.

          • How do I remove the rear wheel?

          See guide video below on removing the rear wheel to repair a flat / change a tire: