Raw Frame Alert: Embrace the Patina!

The unadulterated beauty of our steel bike lies in its raw finish. However, as with all things natural, it evolves – and in the case of our raw frames, they develop a rustic patina over time.

Choosing the raw finish means embracing this transformation and committing to its maintenance to keep it in top shape. Please note, rust development on raw frames is not covered under warranty.

Understanding the Rust:

  • Why Rust? Even with the protection of our clear coat, it remains slightly permeable, allowing occasional moisture to reach the frame.
  • When does rusting start? Without regular care, rust can appear sooner than you think. With consistent maintenance, however, this can be delayed.
  • Is rust harmful? Significant damage from rust takes ages – we're talking a seriously long period. It's highly unlikely that rust will compromise the frame's strength within its typical lifespan.

Our Frame Treatment:
Each raw frame is phosphate-dipped, enhancing its defense against corrosion. Following this, they receive a clear coat treatment, slowing down the rusting process but not halting it entirely.

Maximizing Your Frame's Life: Installation & Maintenance:

Assembly Tips:

  •  Always grease your seat post before installation. Without this, 'Galvanic Corrosion' (the reaction of Aluminium to Steel) may make the seat post nearly impossible to remove. We also suggest giving the seat post a slight twist every few rides.
  • Apply grease in other areas like the headtube and BB.

Maintenance Recommendations:

  • Post every wet ride or wash, use a water displacement aerosol through the grommets and BB hole.
  • For optimal care, we recommend spraying ACF-50 (Anti Corrosion Formula 50) or a similar aerosol into all internally exposed areas every 3 months, including:
    • Internals of the seat tube
    • Inside the bottom bracket
    • Routing grommets
    • Headtube

Encountering Rust? Here's What to Do:
Rust, in its own way, is a natural art. Some enthusiasts even prefer this look. If it isn't for you:

  • Opt to re-coat the frame in a fresh or custom paint & primer. The primer will hault all futher rust (we do NOT offer this service).
  • For a more rustic vibe, you can remove the clear coat, get rid of the rust, and maintain the bare frame. This approach demands routine rust removal with tools like wire wool, followed by oiling.

We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity. We cherish the raw frame's organic evolution and its unique charm. However, if its inherent characteristics don't align with your preference, we suggest opting for a coated variant.