What is the Social Distance Challenge?

State Bicycle Co. is encouraging riders to go the D I S T A N C E.
Between now and April 5th, participants can challenge themselves
to see how far they can ride in increments of 30, 60, or 120 minutes.
Keep track of your rides, compete on leaderboards, and win prizes from State!


Riders who complete the most distance within their division will be awarded prizes.
We will be updating leaderboards frequently!


*Entries may not exceed their allotted time.
(ie. 60min rides cannot be 60min + 1sec, these will not be counted)
Get as close to your time without going over. 
**Trainers will need to be properly calibrated with magnet / speed sensor

How it Will Work:

Register by purchasing a patch here:
All participants will be sent a patch in a few weeks’ time.
Money raised will be split 50/50 between Aids LifeCycle and No Kid Hungry
Complete a solo ride between now and midnight on April 5th.
Track your ride and upload it to Strava
(you will need some kind of fitness tracker, smart trainer, smart phone or smart watch)
List of Strava Compatible Devices here: https://bit.ly/33GC5fq 
Upload your ride below:
-Only 1 Submission Allowed Per Entry. If you submit a ride then beat your time, later on, you must purchase a new entry in order to submit another activity.
-We will be using "moving time" on Strava (not elapsed time), so it is possible that a ride can be over the allotted time but the moving time must be equal or less than the allotted time of the division in which the rider has chosen.
-Riders are welcome to enter multiple divisions, in fact, it's encouraged
At State Bicycle Co, we are aware of the gravity of the COVID-19 global pandemic we are all experiencing. Please continue to obey all federal, state, and local guidelines in your area. If you are participating outdoors, we strongly urge you to not only obey all traffic laws, but also use precaution by riding alone, bringing sufficient water, not making unnecessary stops, and washing your hands promptly after returning home. If you are unable to safely ride outdoors, please take advantage of our indoor / trainer divisions.