A 35mm Diary: Jacksonville to the Miami Red Bull MiniDrome

Recently, I (Cody Goodman) had the amazing opportunity to fly to Florida and spend 9 days with fellow State Bicycle Co. rider, Addison Zawada.  With nine other riders, we rode over 400 miles from Jacksonville to Miami in 4 days!  To conclude our journey in Miami, we raced in the Red Bull MiniDrome!

The tales from the trip could fill an entire book but I will spare you the reading and share some of my favorite experiences via 35mm film.  

Traveling with bikes is always a good time, the trip included an impromptu trip to Washington DC but eventually we made it Florida.

The crew: bright and early on a very cold Jacksonville morning

Left to Right, Myself, Melissa Denike, Addison Zawada, Nic Hornstein, Cody Drummond, Dazie Holt, Ricky Crompton, Sara Talley, Reinaldo Santiago, shadow is our driver Hunter Drury.  
We also picked up two riders on day two (not pictured): Zackery Know, Thang van Luong.

Midway on day one, we stopped to check out Castillo De San Marcos; the oldest masonry fort in the United States.

This was our view waking up on New Smyrna Beach. The night did see a lot of adventure including one tent getting wiped out by a wave at 4:00 a.m. but this sunrise was worth all the agony.

To avoid the events of night one, we made our way to an inlet campground for night two.

This was the scene anywhere we stopped. Bikes on bikes on bikes!

My fiance and State Bicycle Co. employee, Melissa Denike, enjoying the Florida sun.

Fellow State Bicycle Co. team rider, Addison Zawada, leading the pace line on a windy day three.

Myself, amazed at all the greenery. A far cry from the rocks and beige houses we are used to.

Hanging out with friends is never a bad time.

The final morning of camping was a little bittersweet but now its off to Miami for some high speed action!

Addison Zawada: world class commuter.

Miami is full of amazing architecture.

The world's smallest velodrome and the main reason for the trip. 46 ft long by 24 ft wide and feels like a roller coaster. Nothing but smiles when its your chance to ride it.

Obligatory food picture.  

The crazy Englishman, Ricky Crompton, heading into the final round of Minidrome. He won the competition!

Although we all appear to be happy, this was our final goodbye.  A 3:00 a.m. 35mm selfie in a packed Miami dance club.  One hour later, Melissa and I were at the airport and the journey was over.  

Cody Goodman is a Tempe local, sponsored State Bicycle Co. rider, and overall outstanding gentleman. Check out the entire team over at our Riders Page.