RACE RECAP: Lord of Griffith 666 is Madness feat. Addison Zawada

When we heard that this would be the last edition of Lord of Griffith (LOG), there was no way we were going to miss it.

LOG IV was our first time experiencing this crazy climbing race in Los Angeles. That year, our very own Scott Piercefield took 1st (with brakes) and Hern Montenegro (not on the team at the time) took 1st Overall.  

LOG V was an even better showing with Tyler Coplea taking 1st, Michael Dziedzic placing 3rd, and Hern at 5th.

This year, LOG VI brought the strongest field to date with almost 250 brakeless riders speeding past cars through L.A.'s storied Griffith Park.  Addison Zawada was at the front of the race for the entire day and ended up taking 2nd overall with teammates Andrew Hemesath and Josh Tyrell finishing 4th and 7th, respectively, to round out 3 Top 10 finishes for State Bicycle Co.  

Go-Pro video aren't really our style but the footage below truly demonstrates the sheer madness of what its like to ride at the front of a race like this. Traffic, Crashes, Paramedics, Cars, Chaos and all!

Bikes on Bikes on Bikes. Registration was bonkers. We love racing in Los Angeles for the pure fact that SO MANY people show up to unsanctioned street races! It's great to see the "sport"/"scene"/"whateveryouwanttocallit" flourishing! (photo by: 2071photo)

Pre-Race pep talk. We met at Bicycle Coffee LA to avoid the race getting broken up. From here, everyone rolled together to Griffith Park (photo: 2071photo)

The riders definitely caused some issues with park-goers. The sheer number put a stop to traffic at the start of the race. (photo: Julio Bustamante)

Sean Martin leads out the start of the race. Lots of heavy-hitters here, Safa, Chas, Alonso, and Alex, last year's 2nd place winner. (photo: Pedro Izquierdo)

Our newest rider, birthday boy, Andrew Hemesath (Colorado) launches the first attack right out of gate and blows up the race. (photo: Jeff Olsen)














Crashes happen. (photo: Jeff Olsen)

The field closes the gap on Andrew, who'd eventually be caught by teammate, Addison Zawada on the downhill. Andrew would end up 4th overall. (photo: Jeff Olsen) 

This attack hurt. Even some of the best riders around were feeling it. (photo Jeff Olsen)


The top of the climb features a tunnel. Here's Josh Tyrell. It was actually his first time visiting California, and it went pretty well. Josh placed 7th overall! (photo: Julio Bustamonte)

Myles made the unorthodox move of wearing headphones during the race. We're told he was listing to the new Taylor Swift album. (photo: Pedro Izquierdo)

These two ended up at the front of the race early and stayed there. Safa and Addison would end up 1st and 2nd, respectively. (photo: Pedro Izquierdo)

The Podium. Congrats to the winners!
1st: Safa . 2nd: Addison Zawada . 3rd: Manny GLK (photo: @2071photo)

And HUGE thanks to Sean for creating and hosting this institution. Hate to see it go. Thanks for all the memories. 


1) Josh hit 2 side mirrors during the race. As you can see, they made quite the impression on his forearms.

2) Michael hit a car during the race and his back wheel became dislodged. Since brakes were not allowed, he had no means of stopping. Rather than crashing, he decided to grab his front wheel with his had, causing the glove to rip and lay on a pretty nasty burn.  Kids, don't try this at home.

3) The Dixie Hollywood Hotel has a pretty sweet painting on Michael Jackson on one of its doors. We highly recommend checking it out next time you're in Los Angeles.

4) Why wear one kit, when you can wear two? Myles might be starting a trend. Much like NBA players wear warm-ups, why can't a cyclist?

5) Chas is really good at arts & crafts. We LOVE what he did with his Essor 46mm Track Wheels.


6) When planning a race, PLEASE AVOID SUNDAYS. Monday work schedules usually force us to leave right after. Thus, the car becomes our hotel room, shower, and a hot-box of race stink the entire way home.

Video credit: Rafael Hernandez photo credits: Jeff Olsen, Rafael Hernandez, Julio BustamantePedro Izquierdo