Reviewed: Monolith Fat Bike by The Fattie Godfther

Brand: State Bicycle Co.
Product: Monolith Fat Bike
Price:  $499 (w/ Free Shipping)
Reviewer: Chewey AKA The Fattie Godfather

Just entering into my second week of commuting on the Monolith, I've logged about 135 + miles. My commute is 5 or so miles each way on mostly paved bike trails and roads. I also spent an entire Sunday using it to haul my loaded-down Burly trailer (that was the 35+ mile day).

When I received the Monolith, I had just spent 10 days racing a SS fat bike in Arizona at SSAZ and 24 HR of Old Pueblo. I was super excited to get out on this bike after seeing so many of the State single speed's running around Tempe. As I assembled the bike, I got even more excited. It's well made, Good choice of components, and a sharp paint job, coaster brake. Oh and it comes with a fucking bell! What little there was to assemble went quick and easy.
First Ride
I had a hockey game the day I got the bike so a 4 mile break-in ride should be perfect. Its mostly pavement but enough dirt to get the feel. Everything was cool except the gear ratio and tire pressure. Remember, I had been on a different SS fat bike for 10 days. So, after hockey (and a stop at the watering hole), I spun her home. Ok on the first ride but missing something.
Second Ride
I swapped the 22t out for an 18t and added about 5 psi to each tire. Spun around the neighborhood. Now, I like! Tomorrow will start the test. For the next week, I rode to work every day. I settled into the pace that the gearing gave me and enjoyed the ride. No shifting problems and no squealing brakes; just a nice cruise to work on an unseasonably warm Minnesota winter.
Third Ride
Now it's Sunday morning and time for our weekly coffee ride. We don't ride to a coffee shop and meet. We pick a spot in the city and all meet with our favorite coffees to be brewed on the spots. As I load my trailer with water, coffee pot, coffee, and cook stove, I decide "What the hell? It's time to really test his beast out.". I hook the trailer up to the Monolith and head out for a 10 mile ride to the meeting spot. What a joy! A little windy and cool but still a joy to be out and this bike preforming as I had hoped it would. After a stop at a watering hole ( this bike has a problem, I fear), it was back home to reload and head out for the second part of this day's ride: to hockey and then to a bonfire. Same trailer, larger load this time: same results (including the watering hole). The late night cruise home was perfect. Clear skies full of stars and a perfect ride under me.
Fourth Ride
Well, we are back in snow. 10+ inches fell the other night. How did it handle ? Very well! The ride home from work was a blast. Jumped off the trail from time to time to see how it handled the snow (again very well). It actually went through the fresh snow better than I would have given the bike credit for.
Thanks to the State Bicycle Co. guys for giving me a chance to test this baby out! I am now a proud owner.
Chewey is a 58 years young and a long time fat bike lifer, also known as "The Fattie Godfather" in the tight-knit Midwest fat bike community. Chewey has been commuting since they invented pedals and has raced single-speed all over the world, conquered 24 hour racing, gravel racing, fat bike competitive racing, bike camping, and is a master bar hopper. If it’s an event on two wheels, there's a pretty good chance Chewey has done it.