Behind The Scenes - "Time Sense" Video Shoot

Time Sense – Josh Tyrrell from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

Words by Josh Tyrrell 

This project came to light after several meetings between myself and Red Bull. We were looking to do something a little different. Something that was just pleasing to the eyes; a visual experience. We didn’t have much time, as all of our schedules are pretty jammed, with racing and other video projects. We did the shoot in 24 hours. Started up in the rain one afternoon and finished off the following morning. It was a real good time and there was no shortage of close calls, and questionable choices.

After we finished the road shots, it was time to get some abstract shots. The rain storm quickly turned into a thunderstorm but we had to get the shot.

 What do you get when you mix a thunderstorm and a lake? Two dudes not stoked to get into the canoe!

Nightfall was quickly upon us and the thunderstorm wasn’t letting up.

Gear inspections are highly recommended. Shredded my tire during the day. Tire swap!

We got the van and truck all packed up and headed off to some REAL quiet country roads and started blasting off the fireworks.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Maybe it’s legitimately hard to fire off Roman Candles in a straight line. All I can say is this was probably the most fun of the whole shoot. We must have used 20 of these things before we got the shot.

Morning was upon us and we knew the end was near. We couldn’t have had a more perfect sunrise with a bit of fog and pink skies.

All in all, the shoot went super well,.We had a ton of fun and everybody involved is super stoked on the final outcome of this project. I’d like to thank Martin, JF, Max, Max and Jason, and Micheal. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have come to light! We killed it and I look forward to seeing what else we can come up with! To everyone else, thanks for the continued support, and enjoy the video!