Volo 38MM Track Wheel Set Reviewed

Brand: Essor USA
Product: Volo 38MM Wheel Set
Price:  $1,249 (includes Free Shipping)
Reviewer: Steven Tortorelli; SF Bike Messenger

I was a working messenger in San Francisco from late 2006 to 2014. Started out on a Surly Steamroller with an Mavic Open Pro hoops laced to formula hubs. Those hubs must have been rebuilt five times. Haha couldn’t believe they lasted as long as they did. Upgraded to a Phil Wood wheel set. I traveled the world to messenger events and my first couple Red Hook Crits on them. Always looking for a wheel set that would be the ultimate answer for city streets and track bike times.

Years later, I get a message from the dudes at Essor asking for me to give these Volo 38mm wheels some tough love. In traffic and on my sprint workout days they’ve been nothing but an awesome experience.

The spacing of the wheels feels like my carbon wheels I do most of my road crits on. The VOLO’s hug corners really well, just feeling how sturdy they are when I put the watts down and push on the pedals. The bike reacts instantly due to how light the wheels are. And im off! BEWM. That’s always been a feeling I’ve missed out on with previous wheels.

I cannot wait to get these out on the track. More importantly to really see how these “crit crushing” wheels will do for Red Hook and other races around the country and globe. I have a feeling that 180s and chicanes will be what these wheels are asking to blow through. Just the weight alone when taking them out of the box I thought. “Whoa, dudes are gonna be full with all the dust ill be feeding them.”

To finish up, In an urban setting where you might need to stop on a dime or accelerate to beat the commuter Freds in front of you. The Essor Volo 38MM wheels are an all around perfect wheel. Strong, fast, and responsive. Did I mention they are super sleek looking? That adds to the speed for sure.

Steven Tortorelli
San Francisco City, CA