First Look 👀 : State Bicycle Co. x The Grateful Dead

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead Collaboration:

Both State Bicycle Co. and Grateful Dead have built their respective followings around awareness, self-expression, and freedom. Now, these two brands announce a collaboration to offer a full line of bicycles, cycling apparel, and accessories. Each piece is adorned with the most treasured symbols associated with the Dead: the Dancing Bears and the 13 point Lightning Bolt.

The Bikes

State Bicycle Co. has released will also be producing two Limited Edition Klunkers with the Grateful Dead Dancing Bears and Lightning Bolt logos. The SBC Klunker is a retro-inspired, mash-up of beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX bike. The State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead special edition Klunkers epitomize carefree days with the wind in your hair.

The SBC Grateful Dead Klunkers are built on a classic-styled steel frame with simple coaster brakes and a traditional leatherette saddle. Modern engineering updates the components and includes BMX handlebars and stem, aluminum rims and mountain bike tires for any road or trail surface. When the ride is over, turn up the Grateful Dead tunes and crack open your favorite beverage on the bottle opener attached to the bike frame.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead Klunker:

The Details

  • Dancing Bears & Lightning Bolt edition
  • Sized for riders 5'5" to 6'3"
  • Frame: Durable Steel Frame & Fork w/ 5 Year Warranty
  • Handlebars: BMX Style V-bar with 7" rise, 30” extra-wide with Vans Grips
  • Wheels: Extra Durable 36h BMX Style Rim w/ 2.3" WTB Mountain Bike Tires
  • Saddle: Retro-style Leatherette Comfort Saddle
  • Gear: 42t Crank with 22t Coaster Style Cog for cruising
  • Brakes: Coaster Brake - Just Pedal Backwards
  • Pedals: Flat MTB Style Platform Pedals
  • Extras: Bottle Opener Included
  • MSRP $549.99

The Clothing

The Grateful Dead is more than just a band and is iconic for awareness and self-expression. State Bicycle Co.’s “Sustainable Clothing Collection” represents mindfulness and respect for Nature with each item made from recycled 100% post-consumer waste. Now these two brands have combined to offer a line of clothing, accessories, and bicycles adorned with the two most treasured symbols associated with the Grateful Dead: the Dancing Bears and the Lightning Bolt.


Each cycling jersey and bib set in the SBC Sustainable Clothing Collection is constructed with REPREVE®, a polyester primarily recycled from water bottles. Performance and quality have not been spared in the name of sustainability. State Bicycle Co. emphasizes exquisite fit, top performance, and attention to detail.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead Cycling Clothing:

  • Tie-Dye Skulls Jersey (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • Dancing Bears Jersey (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • Lightning Bolt Jersey (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • Good ‘Ol Grateful Dead Jersey (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • Dancing Bears Bibs (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • Dancing Bears Caps (5-Colors) (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • MSRP $16.99 - $89.99

The Accessories

The State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead collaboration continues with accessories including, bicycle saddles, and handlebar tape featuring the fun Grateful Dead Dancing Bears, along with plenty of tie-dye.

State Bicycle Co.’s Co-Founder, Mehdi Farsi stated, “Having teamed up with Grateful Dead, we are combining environmental consciousness with the free spirit that has characterized multiple generations of Dead Heads around the world. The music and the vibe of the Grateful Dead is a perfect match for the expansive feelings we all gain through bicycling!”

This collaborative effort is a continuation of State Bicycles’ passion for combining music, culture, and cycling. As pop culture influences every aspect of our lives, this reflective capsule collection will sell out faster than a ticket to see the Dead in concert.

More information on the full line of products included in this State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead collaboration can be found at