Freewheelin': Episode 1 with Ben Sinclair

Building on the popularity of State Bicycle Co.'s on-bike interview series "Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, with Pros", State has launched a new series - " Freewheelin' " . The concept is simple - find our favorite entertainers, athletes, personalities, and genuinely awesome people and go ride together.  

Episode 1 features Ben Sinclair, the creator and star of HBO's High Maintanence. The show centers around Ben's character "the guy", a weed delivery courrier in New York City (who just so happens to ride a State Bicycle Co. fixed gear) and his interactions with his clients. In this episode Ben and the State Bicycle Co. crew visit Mt. Humboldt, just north of Phoenix, where State is based and where Ben grew up. 



The day starts off with coffee and breakfast in Old Town Scottsdale. This is Ben's old stomping grounds.

The drive to Mt. Humboldt.

The boys are suited up and ready to tackle the ride.

The ride starts! Ben's weapon of choice is the 4130 Road Bike (Americana Colorway).

A quick stop just below the summit to enjoy the view. Ben keeps referring to the FAA tower as the "Death Star"

Admiring the view.

Gotta love AZ.

The "finger-butt" has become quite a social-media phenomenon. To the best of our knowledge it was Ben Sinclair who popularized this. He boasts a wide array of celebrity finger butt pics as well, including Reese Witherspoon.  For more on the Finger Butt, check out Season 3, Episode 6 of High Maintenance.

Thanks to Jeff Olsen for the rad images and great riding. Most of all thanks to Ben Sinclair for the amazing day on the bike. Glad you had fun! Stay tuned for Episode 2 of Freewheelin'