Mission Crit 6 on 4/20

State Bicycle's entire 2019 squad cozies up in windy San Francisco to make history at Mission Crit, 50 years before 4/20/69, the 50th anniversary of the 4/20 that State Bicycle made history at Mission Crit. How high are you? Hi how are you?

Chapter 1: The day before

We welcome 2019 State Bicycle Team, newcomer, Chris Tolley. Chris is a Rick Owens online shopping aficionado and seasoned BMX rider. He guides us through his latest online find and harps on the importance of shin wound care. 

Chris is dreaming up that W. 

The night before a big race the team partakes in "date night" – Team Dinner, but better.

After date night we head to the pre-race party at Pas Normal Studios to get our numbers and catch up with friends.

The Mens Squad

The Ladies of State Bicycle Co.

Andrew, whatchu got in that swag bag?

They picked out something PERFECT for Chris. It's mesh and it's vintage.

Scott was blessed with the coveted number 420.

Chapter 2: The morning of

Josh is the official team chef. We buy, he fry.

Jenny, a State Bicycle Co. team rookie, and the youngest member of the team, is a good sport when it comes to the hazing – so much so, she hazed herself by wrapping a roll of electrical tape onto the handlebars.

We stand behind all Piersafelde trolling and at least 69% of his blessings.

No trolling here, only admiration that grows with time

Time to get kitted and committed for our 2019 team portraits. The Endura skin suits are top notch👌 We were also blessed with matching jackets this year, which were perfect for the windy SF weather.

Scott was the winner of the team Easter egg hunt and is honored with sensational celebration from his teammates.

Chapter 3: Picture day

I Eta Pi

Bike check

Chapter 4: Qualifying

Scott eagerly warms up while coach is watching.

His qualifier was interesting...

After unclipping in Turn 1 for some substantially unforeseen or deliberately strategized reason, he ends up in the barriers (thanks for the crash photos, Alexander Korotkov).

Fortunately he recovers quickly, rejoins the race, and qualifies 8th in his heat. See below:

Brand new cleats, TIGHT pedals, very tight clip in failure right before I entered the turn 😂😂 Thank you to the bystander who spotted me and got me back over the railing so I could qualify 8th. Phew, that was a close one. I’m sorry if I shook anyone!!!

Cybergoth Witch House pump up the jam. It's Tolley time:

Chris Tolley looking comfy in qualifying, finishing 2nd in his group (Chris Hildreth beat him by an inch!)

Next up, Josh Tyrrell:

Josh finishes 6th in his qualifying heat.

Now it's Jenny's turn:

Last, but not the least bit lovable in all her almighty fierceness, Emi, the "Yung Barbra Streisand":

Our Bell Z20 Aero Helmets pop in the field and make the riders easily visible among the colorful peloton.

Everyone's qualified for the main race! Time for a cool down.

Chapter 5: Men's Race

Race day senior pictures

No pre-race scaries yet

Inevitable Red Hook Moto PTSD

Locked and loaded

Pre-race favorite 📈 

Let the games begin! A crashed rider at the start collides with Tolley's new Fizik shoe, forcing it open. He attempts to secure it... but fixed gear. Chris smashes the rest of the race with a loose Boa.

Scott displays veteran skill by quickly moving up from 38th (due to his qualifying crash) to the front of the race. 

The leaders establish themselves quickly.

Scott controls the chase group with Cameron closely behind. At this point State Bicycle Co. holds the 5th and 9th positions in the race.

The lead group splinters with favorites Stefan Schaefer and Olivier Leroy ahead. Chris Tolley is forced to chase with two other rivals on his wheel. 

After 13 most excellently confident laps in, Scott's brief lapse in concentration grounds him once again at Turn 1, a heartbreaking turn of events, but that's racing!

What an incredible night at @missioncrit. After a tense qualification and and starting 40 riders back, I was able to get to the front in about a lap. @tolleyalways then made the break, so my entire race was spent in the chase covering and keeping things smooth. I was cross eyed half way through and just hardly washed, bringing me to the ground for less than a second and (most importantly) not taking any riders down with me. This crash, along with my qualifier crash were both 100% my fault. I will say this though- besides that stupid moto crash at Red Hook years ago, this is the only time I have ever crashed in my fixed career of 9 years. I’m proud of that and I’ll own it when I do crash. Our team came, conquered, and we FUGGN PARTIED. I love this race so much, nothing but good vibes. Thank you to everyone but most importantly @jmsgrady and @statebicycleco for an incredible night that I’ll NEVER forget. PS- thanks for letting me through at the end @douglasdirt 😜

Scott recovered swiftly and was able to stay attached to the main field. He burned up all of his matches to get back to the front of the chase group and sit at 8th place. But as the race sped up, there wasn't any more gas in the tank and the damage was done.

Triumph is racing [to a podium finish] with a loose shoe.

 Chapter 7: The Women's Race

Chapter 7: Post Race

Emi wins The Ben Davis Plenty Tough award for advancing the most positions during the race from start to finish, starting 16th and finishing 9th. Show us that Chrome bag and $100! 

Men's podium – Tolley won the most applause.

WTF podium

Tolley doesn't waste champagne.

Sponsor correct

Chapter 8: Pizza Party🍕

Podium dinner decadent indulgence

Please donate your crashed skin suits unwashed to your local collector. We're gonna need a blessing, Endura!

🙏 Thanks for the continued support of our sponsors Bell Bicycle Helmets, Endura Clothing, Vittoria Tires, Fizik, Easton, Floyd's of Leadville, and Hand Up Gloves. If you love the State Bicycle Co. Team, support these companies! 🙏