Montecore 3 - Notice something different?


If you're reading this you might have noticed there's something different about our new 4130 Steel (Fixed Gear / Single-Speed) model, the Montecore 3. Traditionally, our 4130 Steel (Fixed Gear / Single-Speed) models included a deep profile wheel, known for durability, aerodynamics and aesthetics, as stock. This time we thought we'd try something different...


Introducing the "lo-pro" wheels.

These first made an appearance on our Retro Reissue series. Since that time we've had a hard time keeping them in stock! The advantages include a timeless clean look, sealed bearing hubs w/ a flip-flop rear, radial laced front wheel, and most importantly a 1.19 lb weight savings over its deep profile predecessor.

Best of all - if you prefer the deep track wheels - you can get Deep V Style Track Wheels instead at no additional cost.  Pair this with double-butted 4130 Chromoly tubing, die-cast drop outs, your choice of handlebars (at no additional cost), and 6 frame sizes - you can be confident you're getting a personalized product AND the the best possible bike that money can buy at under $450!