Retailer Spotlight - San Antonio Bike Shop


1800 S Broadway St. #1139 San Antonio, TX  - Pearl District

Our Retailer Spotlight Series continues with the San Antonio Bike Shop, aptly named after their hometown of San Antonio, TX. The San Antonio Bike Shop has been serving a growing cycling community just outside of downtown San Antonio for over half a decade. The shop stands in stark contrast to the adage that 'Everything is Bigger in Texas,' but I can't think of a bike shop that I've been in that does more with less space and still somehow never feels cluttered. Instead, it seems to have helped create a focus on carrying everything that a cyclist needs, and nothing they don't.
Clay and the team at San Antonio Bike Shop have done a lot to build a fixed gear and single speed community in San Antonio by partnering with local clubs for races, and putting over a thousand State Bicycle Co. bikes on the streets of San Antonio.
Check out our interview with Clay Williams, owner of the San Antonio Bike Shop below to learn more about the shop.

(Clay Williams - Owner of San Antonio Bike Shop -  and his wife)

Hi Clay, tell us about your shop and community. Where are you located?

We are located just North of downtown San Antonio in the "Pearl District".  The official address is 1800 Broadway, Suite 1139, San Antonio, TX 78215.


How long have you been in business?

We have been in business a little over 5 years.


Tell us a bit more about your area. What are some of your favorite local businesses nearby?

Our favorite local businesses in the area are definitely the restaurants and bars.  With the Culinary Institute of America around the corner there is no shortage of good food in the area. Petes Tako House is one of our favorite taco places & Regios is good too.

(Full Disclosure: I had the opportunity to visit Clay and the San Antonio Bike Shop a few years back. Clay was an incredibly gracious host. I met some of his family, visited his childhood home, and got a great little tour of San Antonio. One of the highlights for me was Petes Tako House. If you're in San Antonio, eat at Petes. I still think about those crispy tacos years later.)


Have you partnered with or worked with any other businesses in your neighborhood?

We have partnered with Sprint and The Battle of Flowers parade commission for bicycle give-aways. We also supply prizes for local Midnight Crits from time to time.

If you're in San Antonio and want to check out the Midnight Crits, get more info here (


(Inside San Antonio Bike Shop)


What do you like most about your location and community?

Our location is in one of the hot spots in San Antonio. Everything around is growing and there are more and more residents moving in around us everyday. Cycling is a popular way to get around downtown San Antonio, and we are on one of the main roads leading in and out of downtown.

What is your shop’s story? Are you the original owner?

I am. I opened the shop in April of 2013.  I saw a need for a cycling shop in the I went ahead and opened the shop, and have since been working to make it the best that it can be.


(High Noon Showdown in the heart of Texas: Shop dogs Bella and Chip)


What about you Clay? What was your first bicycle? What got you into cycling?

My first bicycle was a blue 3-Speed Schwinn Stingray. I got my first road bike when I was just 11 years old, and took part in the mountain bike craze in the early '90's.  I have always enjoyed riding bikes since I could remember.


What was the inspiration for your business/business name?

It just seemed obvious to call it San Antonio Bike Shop.  I was surprised it wasn't taken.

(Clay and San Antonio Bike Shop employees out for a ride. Note Clay's shirt...its great.)
(Read the fine print...I LOVE it when MY WIFE let's me go ride bicycles.)


We’ve been working together for quite some time now. What made you want to stock State Bicycle Co. products in your shop?

I believe we started carrying State in 2014.  We had a ton of customers looking for 'fixies' and State Bicycle Co. seemed like a great company to partner with. 

What are your favorite State Bicycle Co. models?

I like the Zombie Stomper and El Toro. I had both t-shirts and wore them out.


What is your favorite thing about State Bicycle Co. customers?

Most of the State customers are just really cool down to earth people.  We appreciate that about them.

Thanks Clay. Anything else you wanted to add?

Let's not forget about Benny, my co-manager and mechanic.  He and I are running the place right now.

(Benny rippin' on his Undefeated)



Thanks Clay. And a 'shout out' to Benny and the entire San Antonio Bike Shop crew. Thank you all for all that you do. Its never been anything less than a pleasure having the opportunity to work together.

Whether you're a long time resident or new to the area, if you're in San Antonio and looking for a great local shop where you can purchase State Bicycle Co. products, please stop by and see the San Antonio Bike Shop!

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