The Velo

828 N 2nd St. Phoenix, AZ  - Roosevelt Row Arts District


We’re thrilled to be able to kick off our Retailer Spotlight Series with The Velo, located in Phoenix, AZ. The Velo, founded just over 3 years ago, has already laid deep roots in the downtown Phoenix community by offering their customers a great range of bicycles at affordable prices, as well as by supporting other local companies such as Press Coffee Roasters and Maya Tea Company in the Bicycle Nomad Cafe; a part of the Velo. The Velo is a “more than just a bike shop” type of bike shop. They hosted the first Bicycle Nomad Film Festival along with The Film Bar, host yoga sessions, and have onsite physical therapy weekly. They keep true to their location in the Roosevelt Row Arts District by featuring many local artists in the shop and occasionally hosting live concerts on First Friday.

Check out our interview with Jason Boles, owner of the Velo below to learn more at the shop.

(Jason Boles - Owner of The Velo)


Hi Jason, tell us about your shop and community. Where are you located?

In the Downtown Phoenix Roosevelt Row Art District on 2nd Street and Garfield next door to Matt’s Big Breakfast and Angels Trumpet @ 828 N 2nd St Phx Az 85004


How long have you been in business?

Just over 3 years now!


Tell us a bit more about your area. What are some of your favorite local businesses nearby?

We love Angels Trumpet and The Film Bar!


(Inside the Velo)

(Repair station and seating)


What do you like most about your location and community?

It’s not a suburban environment. Living and working in Phoenix - it’s generally all about the cities around Phoenix, but not actually the heart of the city/metro area. It’s great to finally bring a Shop to the Downtown area!

What is your shop’s story? Are you the original owner?

Having grown up in Tempe, and going to all the Southern Tempe stores as a kid, it was disappointing when I moved to Downtown as an Adult and would have to go to uptown or even out to Scottsdale to get bike gear. The building we’re located in now came up for rent, it was near my home, and was like, "Lets do it!" Here we are over 3 years later - still learning, still growing, still having fun!  


(Local Artwork Featured Inside on First Friday)

(Part of Roosevelt Row Arts District, The Velo Features Original Artwork Outside of the Building)


What about you Jason? What got you into cycling?

My bicycle was my freedom as a kid. I had the Diamond Back Viper II BMX bike. I remember watching the Tour De France in 1984 and thought that looked really cool (I was 10 years old)! My parents had limited income, but I had a few dollars saved and I wanted a road bike. I wanted to do what they did on TV.  So my mom and I had a garage sale and she said I could have the money towards a bike. I think I had about $350 dollars and I went in to Bicycle Harbor on Rural and Baseline (the Whole Foods shopping center, and the shop was where the Jimmy Johns is now) and put the money on the counter and the owner set me up on a Columbia Premiere with Campy, bib shorts, jersey and a Styrofoam Helmet. I’ve been hooked ever since!


What was your first bicycle?

Read above :)


What was the inspiration for your business/business name?

The business name came from a thought of “Keep It Simple Stupid,” and to embrace the culture of cycling...The Velo...It’s just about the bike!

(Delicious Drinks and Treats Available Through Bicycle Nomad Cafe - a Part of The Velo)


We’ve been working together since The Velo opened. What made you want to stock State Bicycle Co. products in your shop?

We love State. We love what State does to support local and national events, and we love that you guys make great partners. It was and is just a natural partnership.
What are your favorite State Bicycle Co. models?

The good old Core-Line. Can’t complain about that to ride, looks great, and everyone loves it!

What is your favorite thing about State Bicycle Co. customers?

They’re loyal. I could offer them a $1000 bike for the same money and they still want a State. Kudos for building a brand that people want regardless!

(Weekly Physical Therapy Sessions Available)

(Owner Jason Boles Participating in a Yoga Session at The Velo)


Thanks Jason. And ‘kudos’ to you and the whole team at The Velo! You’ve built something that we look forward to being a part of for years to come. We love directing customers to the Velo where we know they’ll feel welcome and find people interested in helping them find the right bike for their needs!


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