The 2019 Undefeated II is here - A Closer Look

State Bicycle Co. is excited to announce the release of the 2019 State Bicycle Co. Undefeated II. Let's take a closer look....

What's new?

First off, you'll notice 2 jaw-dropping new limited-edition colorways,  Rainbow Prism and Photon Blue, each one designed and painted with care and precision. 

The light catching the hi-flake metallic flaked paint on the Black Prism colorway makes it really pop!

The hi-gloss Photon Blue is our new favorite hue. 

Lightweight & Race Ready

Straight out of the box - the Undefeated II is a race ready, beast of a machine. Building upon the original Undefeated's winning pedigree, The Undefeated II comes stock with the aerodynamic Essor Aerodash Track Crank, Deda Handlebars, and Michelin Tires stock while featuring new and lighter rounded 7005 Aluminum Double Butted Tubes. The stiffened front end features a newly oversized-tapered head tube and matching Essor USA full carbon fork for superior handling and responsiveness. These new features make The Undefeated II the perfect tool for mastering fixed-gear crits. The Essor USA Bolt wheelset is an added bonus - being both lightweight enough to race (2204 g) while still being durable to take a beating on the street.

Updated Components

The 2019 models are stocked with the ultra-strong and aerodynamic Aerodash Crankset from Essor USA. The Aerodash Crankset is designed with both strength and aerodynamics in mind. The stiff 7075 aluminum composition ensures maximum power transfer, while the seamless construction promotes smooth airflow over the crank. With a 144 BCD, this crank is perfect for those wanting to swap chainrings to customize their gearing. 

The New Essor Bolt (2019) Wheelset has gotten both a cosmetic and performance overhaul as well. Notably, the external width is now 20.2mm (14.5mm internal) - to handle corners on the street or kits even better than before!


Make it Yours!

We know many of you will want to customize your new bike, so we offer the Undefeated II in both a complete package and as a frameset so that you can build it up just the way you want.