Bicycling Magazine | The State Keansburg Is the Best-Looking $570 Bike We’ve Ever Tested

A few years ago, when Detroit-based bike maker Shinola was just getting going and making a ton of really cool things, they released the Runwell bike. It was (and still is) a modern version of the French newsboy porteur bikes, with just the right amount of historical accuracy, practicality, and modern hipness to make it rise to the top of almost everyone’s most-wanted list. But the damn thing costs $2,950.

State’s Keansburg is that bike, but at a price newsies might have actually afforded. It’s the best-looking $570 bike I’ve ever seen. It has a sweet vintage look, durable parts, a built-in front rack, and smooth ride that’s great for urban riding, commuting, or cruising along the beach.

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