Bryan Harding

Bryan Harding | Since 2010


Major Race Results:

  • Circle Jerk Alleycat – 2nd place
  • 2x Deathrace – 1st place (with the tattoos to prove it)
  • 2018 Chino Grinder (SS) DFL
  • A few SSCX podiums and 1st place in the gears of many

Favorite YouTube Video:


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Favorite Song to Ride To:

Not fair, this changes on a weekly basis. I almost didn’t answer this out of protest. Currently Gábor Szabó has been heavy in my rotation.

Hidden Talent:

My dad once tasked me with cleaning the garage and after finding a plethora of baseballs, I self-taught and have been able to juggle ever since.

If you could have lunch with anyone, with whom and where would you go?:

Mark Weir in the middle of his favorite local trail. That dude seems to have a great perspective on the give-n-take of trail usage.

Best Ride Ever:

An overnighter “bikepack” to a beautiful waterfall just East of Tucson with some great folks and pool inflatables.

Worst Ride Ever:

Riding to from Phoenix to Tucson fixed, with a backpack, and (attempting) to ride back the following day. So dumb. Such knee pain. Props to those that finished.

Best piece of cycling advice you ever got:

Take chances.

Catch Me Ridin’:

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