Carter M.

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Tell us about your bike:

I ride a 59cm Black Label with Sram Omnium cranks with a GXP bottom bracket. I put 700x25c ThickSlick tires on there for a fast yet responsive feel to my ride. The ultra thick tires helps with skid stopping as well as preventing flats caused by the Almighty Goat head thorns.

Favorite YouTube Video:


Hidden Talent:

I learned how to play piano at a very young age, then went on to play bass guitar. I have played in bands since High School, and toured across the united states many times. I was also a sponsored BMX rider when I was younger.

If you could have lunch with anyone ( alive, fictional, or dead) who and where would you go?

I dont know, Ive never really thought about this before but now I have multiple ideas of who and where for different reasons. I think I would have to say my best friend Brad Gates. He passed away when we were young, and I miss him everyday. I would love to have lunch with him one more time, it doesnt matter where.

Go To Post Ride Snack:

Hard one, Id say either Portillos or panda express. I know they are both bad but they are so filling after a long ride.

Best Ride Ever:

I'm not too competitive so I haven't competed in many races but, probably riding along Lake Shore Drive in Autumn has to be my favorite ride. The summertime in Chicago is awesome, but have you ever been there in late September?! There is just something about the color of the trees to the crisp cool air of the city that just has another whole feeling to it.

Worst Ride Ever:

This would have to be the time me and a few buddies took the B-line out to the infamous White Walls. If you ride BMX you already know, but if you dont the white walls were used for car commercials back in the day just like 2 huge quarter pipes in the desert. Once we showed up we were immediately chased out of there by about 2,000 angry bees. I dont think ive ever pedaled so fast in my life. The experience is one that will stay with me forever. Oh yea, did I mention im allergic to bees?

Favorite Song to Ride To:

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – "Mindcrawler" Probably the best doom/stoner metal band out there besides Black Sabbath, these guys even opened up for Sabbath

Catch Me Ridin’: