Clay M.

Clay M. | Lead Designer | Since 2013

Tell us about your bike:

I have two State bicycles, the first being my favorite Simpsons frame with all silver components and leather tape and saddle. The other is a Vice 2.0 built up with Hold Fast straps, a low gear ratio, and wide bars for cruising around town!

Favorite YouTube Video:

If you could have lunch with anyone who and where would you go?

Kanye, Wing Stop

Go To Post Ride Snack:


Best Ride Ever:

Anything with friends. I don’t get competitive so I prefer cruising and stopping for photos and snacks.

Worst Ride Ever:

I went out for a short ride knowing it would probably rain a little, so I put my phone in a plastic bag and thought I could just power through it. It quickly turned into the craziest lightning storm I’ve ever seen with pummeling crosswinds. I felt lucky to make it home.

Favorite Song to Ride To:

Future – "Codeine Crazy"

Catch Me Ridin’: