How To Travel With Your Bicycle & Avoid Airline Fees

State Bicycle Co. sponsored rider & master globetrotter, Bananas, reveals the "Bananas Box & Chop Method" for storing a bicycle efficiently and cost-effectively when traveling via airplane. With a little ingenuity, you can travel cross-country with your bike in the form of a checked bag and avoid outrageous fees. 

The Bananas Box & Chop Method:
1. Start with a normal bike box and cut it down to a 30'' x 30'' square.
2. Strip the parts off your bicycle down to the frame.
3. Store all of the bike parts inside the box and tape it up.
4. "Chop" one corner of the box. If you chopped it right, his should allow you to come in under the airport regulations of 62'' linear inches.
5. Check that sucker in like you would any other checked bag.
6. Treat yourself to a delicious & nutritious banana. 

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September 17, 2017

In your video, if you measure the 2 sides not affected by the “chop”, it equals 60", then add the thickness length and you go beyond the 62".

If you make 2 chops, you’re more likely to get below the 62"

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