Red Hook Crit - Milan 2014 in 15 Pictures

Photos by Paolo Martelli


Italy definitely provided some of the best pre-race meals we've ever seen.


Myles giving the assist to Lindsey. Pinning numbers is an art form. Myles has pinned A LOT.


It's important to "Stay Loose" before a race. At the end of the day, we're all doing something we love. Win or lose the experience is what matters.


This was the first time State Bicycle Co. had a female competitor in the Red Hook Crit Series.


Addison awaits qualifying in his FIRST race with the State Bicycle Co. team.


Josh, Myles, and Michael were in the LAST and FASTEST qualifying group. Unfortunately qualifying was paused after a few BAD crashes. Only 85 spots and 200+ riders, these guys are risking everything to make it to the "main event".


 The delay made for a LONG day for the riders. Michael spent the time between Red Hook Crit - Barcelona and Red Hook Crit - Milan on the road in Europe. Racing and training with pro-teams. After 7+ weeks on the road, sleeping in airports and 4 crashes along the way, the time away from home started to take a mental toll.


"The Americans" stick together. Traveling from race to race abroad has established a camaraderie with our fellow countrymen from the MASH SF team.


"Catch Me If You Can" - Another new-comer to the team, Canadian, Josh Tyrrell put up the FASTEST qualifying time on the team!


Josh is the TALLEST member on the team. Myles is the shortest. We thought this made for a good image.


Red Hook Crit is known for its unique and picturesque settings. Milan once-again didn't disappoint.


Lindsey rounds the corner.




Josh was in the lead group from start to finish, ultimately ending in 20th amongst some World-Class cyclists.


Addison and Josh make their way through the roundabout. The amount of talent at each of the Red Hook Crit events continues to grow. Milan was the fastest race to date. Keeping in mind that riders are expected to navigate turns, chicanes, hair-pins and pro-level speeds, leads us to have the utmost respect to all of the competitors participating. 2014 was a great year and we can't wait for the 2015 series!