Reviewed: DZR Mechanic Shoes

Brand: DZR
Product: Mechanics Shoe
Price:  $95 (includes Free Shipping)
Reviewer: Matt Pittman (Create Folly)

I’m really amped on these! In my humble opinion, these are the best DZR kicks created to date. Simple, functional design that delivers.

The DZR Mechanic’s are a little bit narrow but not without room for play. ‘How is that’? The material used is super compliant but not lacking stiffness in the areas you’re going to pull/push on with each peddle stroke. I have a fatter foot but love the narrower feel of these shoes. As you know, when you wear and tear into new shoes, there is that fun (Editors Note: There is an F U in fun) break-in period. These simply don’t have that issue. Riding is amazing. Walking is amazing. These are amazing.

The only riding I’ve had with the DZR Mechanic’s to date are for morning coffee outside rides. I expected to be annoyed by new clip in sneakers but honestly forgot I was wearing them as I captured photos of other rad things happening. Extremely solid and comfortable shoes.

Check out The Mechanic if you are in the market for some of the best clippable sneakers.These should definitely be your pick.

Matt Pittman // Create Folly
I ride. I create. I do it for the love of connecting with likeminded people around the globe. 

Bicycles and the goods that go along with them provide freedom that nothing else can in my opinion. You nab the right set up and you're gone for hours, days, weeks without a care in the world. 

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