Monday Motivation with Rodney Ibarra

Hello. My name is Rodney Ibarra and I live and work in beautiful Hammonton, New Jersey. I am a full time Associate Art Director at One Trick Pony, which is a full service advertising agency. If you’ve been following State Bicycle Co. on Instagram, you might’ve of seen some of my calligraphy posted for their #MondayMotivation series. I’ve been a fan of State Bicycle for some time now and when I reached out to co-founder, Mehdi, he was pleased to let me participate in this awesome project.

As a teen growing up out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I was fascinated by all aspects of graffiti, but especially the writing. After many run-ins with the police and lots of hefty fines, I put the ol’ spray cans away and picked up some pens and started dabbling in calligraphy. It wasn’t until the last 5 years that I’ve taken it on as more than a hobby, and since I’ve become a part of a huge community of writers and supporters from all over the world via Instagram.

I’m not a cyclist, but I love to ride my bike. Living in a small town offers lots of open road and beautiful sunsets to the ride. My new State bike has pushed me faster and offered more control of my ride. Much like riding, writing takes discipline and the more dynamic you write, the more powerful it feels. This has been a dream project.

Much love to my girlfriend and riding partner, Mónica, for all her help through this project and Mehdi at State, for selecting me to participate. And most importantly, you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts as much as I had making them.

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