2015 Team State Bicycle Co. Rider Awards

For the State Bicycle Co. team, 2015 was a tremendous year. The team competed in over 65 events with 71 podium appearances, several race series wins in Phoenix, Montreal, and Tempe .Not to mention the team capturing the 2015 Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Series.

Our staff and riders voted on the following categories to acknowledge the outstanding individual performances from 2015.

2015 Male Rider of the Year:
Addison Zawada

Addison was definitely the most well-traveled rider for the State Bicycle Co. team in 2015. He started his season off in LA taking 2nd place in the Lord of Griffith 666 and Wolfpack Hustle Shortline Crit. After those, he turned his focus on racing the Red Hook Crit Series, where he earned the top-antagonist award in London after leading most of the race.

Addison took the top honors at the in Red Bull's Figure 8 Mini Drome in NYC and the Red Bull Fuxjagd in Austria. Possibly the most memorable race of the season was the iBike Crit in Montreal. Addison's bike was lost by the airline and he had to ride a borrowed ride. That didn't stop him from getting 1st place! After the racing was done, Addison capped off 2015 by riding from Chicago to LA on his State Bicycle Co. Thunderbird!

Runner up:
Scott Piercefield

2015 Female Rider of the Year:
Kim Lucie

Although Kim was added to the roster mid-season, her presence was felt immediately. Kim earned the team precious points in her first race of the season in Los Angeles during the Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit where she took a top 10 and won additional points in the prime laps. Her signature moment came during the Wolfpack Hustle Series Finale in Austin, winning 1st in the Women's Road division and 2nd in the Women's Fixed-Gear Category earning valuable points for the team and sealing up the 2015 Title for State Bicycle Co. in her double-podium performance.

Runner up:
Erica Schwanke

2015 Local Legend - "The People's Champ":
Cody Goodman

One would be hard-pressed to find a race in the state of Arizona that Cody Goodman didn't attend. Cody raced 23 events in his home state this year and either won or found the podium 16 of those times! Apart from that, Cody also runs our twice-weekly LOOPS rides, introducing dozens of new cyclists to the rules of the road.

Runner up:
Josh Tyrrell

2015 Best Teammate (Pre/Post Race):
Scott Piercefield

As one of our original team members, Scott has been at the heart of the team since its inception in 2010. Whether its before or after the race, Scott uses his keen leadership skills to keep the riders loose, focused, and entertained. He embodies everything we like to see in a team captain.

Runner up:
Myles Morales

2015 Best Teammate (During Race):
Michael Dziedzic

"Whatever It Takes" is the motto Michael Dziedzic adopted for the 2015 season. Michael exemplified what a perfect teammate should be during each and every race, doing what needed to be done to control the field, chase down a break, or set-up something for his fellow riders. Oftentimes sacrificing his personal results for the team, Michael best demonstrated this during Wolfpack Hustle Series Finale in Austin, where he chased down a 30 second breakaway for the team, pushing himself to the point of utter exhaustion.

Runner up:
Myles Morales

2015 Best Performance:
Addison Zawada @ Red Hook Crit London

Addison started off in the drivers seat in London, the fastest American qualifiers and qualifying in the front starting row. He decided to take his fate into his own hands with a constant attack on the field. A late crash prevented him from the win, but thanks to his team mate Scott, Addison was able to still get a good finish and was awarded the Top Antagonist by Rockstar Games / Red Hook Crit.

Runner up:
Kim Lucie @ Wolfpack Hustle Series Finale (Austin)

2015 Mr / Ms State Bicycle Co. (Best Media):
Hacheon Park

Hacheon Park lives half-a-world away from most of the team in Seoul, Korea, but that didn't stop him from delivering some of the hardest hitting content we've seen. Hacheon shared adventures through the streets of Gangnam, Seoul, up the steepest mountains (Taebaek), and down Temple Road.  Each time we view these pics and videos, they make us want to Explore our State. Hacheon Park never stops inspiring.

Runner up:
Bryan "B-Hard" Harding

Thanks to everyone who voted! Big things coming from State Bicycle Co. in 2016. Stay tuned!