First Look 👀: 4130 All-Road - Bicycle Nomad Limited Edition

State Bicycle Co. has teamed up with fellow Arizona local, and global cycling ambassador Bicycle Nomad (Erick Cedeño) to create our first limited-edition 4130 All-Road bicycle.

Erick Cedeño has a passion and love for traveling and adventure by bicycle. His philosophy? Explore everything. He has set out to do just that but on two wheels. Known by many as the face of Bicycle Nomad, Erick has traveled more than 40,000 miles via bike in the past 10 years.

Built on State’s 4130 All-Road platform, when a rider orders their 4130 All-Road bike, they are able to choose 700c or 650b (at no cost difference) OR GET BOTH $349.99.  We’ll make it easy to go back and forth between each wheel set, when you order BOTH - you get a 2nd set of fully-load wheels which includes: Wheels, Rotors, Cassette, Tires and Tubes - all you need to do is remove the thru-axle from your first wheel set, pop on the new one, tighten up, and RIDE! This is our way off offering 2-bikes-in-1. Commute to work with the 700c wheelset Monday-Friday, and rip the trails on your 650b wheels on the weekends!

The bike features Bicycle Nomad’s signature teal and orange colors on the frame. A topographic map overlay on the fork (with plenty of mounting options for bike packing trips), and a special Bicycle Nomad head tube badge logo. Another difference is a limited-edition silver finish on the crank, and cockpit.

 The idea with the design was to create a bike that can do everything. Personally I wanted a bike that was a gravel bike, touring bike, bikepacking bike and a commuter and this is it.” says Erick. “My favorite features are the components. The way the bike shifts the gear is smooth and quiet. When I ride my bike across countries, I like to go into my thoughts. To me bicycle touring is about finding peace of mind. So I don’t want to hear the chain or gearing. This bike is quiet. Also perfect geometry to be a do all bike!” 

Only 100 of these will be available to the public.  

State and Nomad have been working together on this project for over a year and we’re excited to bring it to you. “Knowing Erick through the local AZ bike scene has been great. He does so much for the local bike community, we knew a collaboration would be the perfect fit”, says Mehdi Farsi (Co-Founder of State Bicycle Co.).  

Erick noted that, “Working with State was such a wonderful experience. They were open to push the envelope and were very flexible with my ideas on this bike. They took the time to make this bike right and did not cut corners.” 

Erick recently traversed the Underground Railroad Route on this bike, a 2200 mile self-supported trip from New Orleans to New York.  On what’s next for him and the bike, “I’m really enjoying this trip alone the Underground Railroad. It’s the second time doing the 2,100 mile journey by bicycle. 

Bicycle Nomad was created it in 2014 while riding the route of the “Freedom Trail” and six years later I’m on the same route with a bike I helped design. My hope is that people use this bike to explore new places and for them to find the freedom a bicycle has given me.

The geometry of the All Road 4130 Bicycle Nomad edition is perfect to do touring. It’s very responsive and it’s a bike I trust to do a journey of 2,100 plus miles. The way the bicycle shift gear is smooth, you literally feel one with the bike climbing, descending or on a flat road with head winds. Also, I haven’t had any mechanical problems, but it’s an easy bike to work on while you’re on a journey with not many services in between like bicycle shops.

I will be returning from riding the Underground Railroad at the end of November and then heading to Puerto Rico at the end of December to ride along the coastline of the island on the 4130 All Road Bicycle Nomad. It will be a 400 mile journey bikecamping in some amazing spots.”

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