First Look 👀 : State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road

In January of 2023, State Bicycle Co. shook things up with our first carbon road frameset, and we carry the momentum with our all-new Carbon All-Road / Gravel option - priced for the people.

Introducing the State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road, the ultimate companion for those seeking a versatile ride that effortlessly tackles any terrain. Meticulously crafted through extensive research and development, the Carbon All-Road caters to riders who crave a lightweight and responsive experience across diverse disciplines.

Ridden and tested by the State Bicycle Co. team, this bike is lightweight enough to hang on a road ride and sturdy enough for trans-American bike-packing adventures.


  • MSRP: Starting at $1999.99
  • Lightweight: built on a durable, 2 ½ lb frame T800 carbon frame
  • Versatile; ​ 650b and 700c wheelset options with 700x45c or 650x55 tire clearances
  • Mounting points galore - on top tube, down tube, fork, and rear allow you to gear up for any adventure
  • Affordable - The State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road is one of the best values you can get for a carbon gravel bike.
  • 2 Stunning Colorways

Purpose-built with adventure in mind, the Carbon All-Road is a testament to high-performance gravel biking. Constructed from T800 carbon fiber, this masterpiece strikes the optimal combination of low weight and unparalleled strength, ensuring exceptional performance on gravel surfaces. We offer a variety of wheel builds to suit your riding preferences, and the frameset is compatible with both 650b and 700c wheelsets, boasting impressive clearances of 55mm and 45mm, respectively.

Equipped with a dropped chainstay, the Carbon All-Road delivers agile performance on rugged gravel terrains. Mudguard and pannier mounts provide you with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, thanks to its adaptability and versatility. Get ready to conquer uncharted territories and redefine what's rideable with this rugged and dependable gravel bike, designed to kick up dust and leave your mark on every adventure.

State Bicycle Co. is excited to offer an epic carbon-fiber gravel bike that delivers uncompromising performance without breaking the bank. With the ability to accommodate both 700c and 650b tires, the Carbon All-Road offers ample clearance and the option to install up to three water bottle mounts and racks in the front and rear, providing unrivaled versatility.

Checking all the boxes one expects for a modern gravel bike, the SBC Carbon All-Road is available as a frameset or complete with a choice of either our All-Road 1 groupset or customers can upgrade to the recently announced SRAM Apex AXS group.

State Bicycle Co. has always been dedicated to accessibility and affordability within the world of cycling; this is proven with consistent growth in many different disciplines of the sport. Gravel is an undeniable force and continues to be the fastest-growing segment within the sport of cycling - State Bicycle Co. is happy to move this trend forward with many new products entering our already superb all-road offerings. From the average weekend warrior to the seasoned professional, State Bicycle Co offers competitive bikes, components, and accessories for everyone to get out and explore without a financial sacrifice. ​

See the Bikes in Action:

The State Bicycle Co. team took on the challenging terrain of Mount Lemmon in Tucson to put our new Carbon All-Road machines to the test. The Carbon All-Road lives up to its name of on and off-road performance as we adventure up the unpaved "Dirty" side of Mount Lemmon, pushing the limits of these cutting-edge bikes and taking the lightening fast descent down the winding roads. Over the course of 63.16 miles, our riders ascend a staggering 7,369 feet, showcasing the bikes' unmatched capabilities on rugged dirt roads and challenging trails on their way to setting the Fastest Known Time / "FKT" (up Dirty Lemmon, to top, down paved side) See the bikes here: Check out the Strava Segment here.